Plan Review Process

Plan Review Process

Act 368, P.A. of 1978, Part 129, Section 12911 states: "When a food service establishment is constructed, remodeled or when an existing structure is converted to use as a food service establishment, properly prepared plans and specifications for the construction, remodeling, or alteration shall be submitted to the local health department for review."

Plan Submission Instructions

Plan Submittal

All food service plans received by the Livingston County Health Department are logged into a food service plan review book and assigned a number. The entry into the log typically includes the date received, appropriate fee paid and the signature or initials of the person receiving the plans. All food service plans received are then routed to the Food Program Coordinator.

Preliminary Plan Review

A preliminary review of the plans as submitted is conducted. The preliminary review will verify that the plans were logged in properly, the proper fee has been paid and the plans submitted include the following information:

Updated 4/2023