Plan Submission Instructions

Plan Submission Instructions

Congratulations!  You are proposing to build or remodel a food establishment in Livingston County.  Please submit your plan review package to the Livingston County Health Department (LCHD).  All of the following items must be completed and compiled into a single package.  
1. Plan review application and any necessary plan review fees
2. Completed Plan Review Worksheet
3. Menu

If your facility does not have a formal, set menu, such as a school with a rotating menu, submit representative sample menus or a list of foods offered for sale or service.
4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs appropriate to your operation shall be submitted prior to opening. 
5. Certified Food Safety Manager Documentation
6. One complete set of plans 

  • Scaled plans (1/4" per foot is a normal, easy to read scale).  Show: Proposed layout, with equipment identified.  Label sinks and prep tables with their intended use.
  • Mechanical plan (i.e. make-up air systems, air balance schedule and cooking ventilation systems: including hood, duct and exhaust fans).
  • Plumbing plan: Sinks for handwashing, food preparation and dishwashing, dish machines, hot and cold water outlets, hot water equipment, water heater, sewer drains, grease traps and floor drains.
  • Construction materials of such items as custom cabinets and any other built-in items.  Interior room finish schedules.
  • Lighting plan, indicating which lights are shielded.
  • Site plan, including:  outside garbage storage area and containers, as well as exterior storage areas.  On-site water well and sewage disposal system information.
7. Specifications
Include manufacturer's specifications for each piece of equipment.  Minimum information for each piece of equipment includes the following (note: the manufacturer's specification or "cut" sheet typically provides most of this information):

  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Dimensions
  • Performance capacity:  Indicate how equipment will be installed (i.e. on leg or wheels, fixed or flexible utility connections).  Indicate which items are used equipment and what equipment is NSF approved or equivalent.