Public Swimming Pools

Public Swimming Pools

The Environmental Health Division inspects over 50 indoor and outdoor public swimming pools and spas in Livingston County annually and works with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to open new facilities in the county.  

At minimum, two routine inspections are conducted each year to ensure an environment is safe for swimming. During these inspections, water tests are performed to measure the disinfectant residual, pH, alkalinity and when necessary cyanuric acid. In addition, the walking surfaces, access doors and fences, recirculation equipment, and emergency equipment and procedures are evaluated.    

In the instance that a pool is determined to be noncompliant with local and state rules and regulations, a pool closure order will be issued. The swimming pool must remain closed until compliance is achieved and a re-inspection is performed. Click HERE to view pool inspections, and either search by address or select “Pools” from the category drop down.

Plan Review Process
A plan review is required of all public pools and spas prior to their construction, alteration or renovation. All plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with the Michigan Public Swimming Pool Rules and the Livingston County Health Department Sanitary Code.

The MDEQ is responsible for reviewing plans at new facilities and can be reached at 517-284-6531 or

Pool Operator Requirements and Fees
In addition to MDEQ permit fees, swimming pools are required to complete and submit an Annual Operation Application for Pools and inspection fee(s) as indicated below.

  • One pool = $200.00
  • Each additional pool or spa = $75.00

Unless otherwise approved by LCHD, pool operators are required for the collection and examination of weekly water samples for coliform bacteria. The laboratory conducting the analysis must be certified by MDEQ for determination of coliform bacteria in swimming pool water.  Laboratories located in Livingston County include Brighton Analytical and Water Tech.

Water sample results and monthly operator's reports may be mailed or faxed to LCHD.

Documents and Resources
Documents and Forms

Guidelines used when pools are contaminated with feces or vomitus

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