Obtaining a Well Permit

Obtaining a Well Permit

How do I apply for my well permit?

Submit a completed permit application to:
Livingston County Health Department - Environmental Health Division
2300 E. Grand River Suite 102
Howell, MI 48843
(517) 546-9858
The application must include:
a.  Completed PDF Iconapplication form
b.  Documentation of permanent street address if new construction (tax bill, township address form, etc.)
c.  10-digit parcel identification number
d.  A copy of a certified Survey and legal description (for new construction only)
e.  One copy of an accurate PDF Iconplot plan
f. Appropriate fees
Once these materials are submitted, a Sanitarian will review and issue the permit and or contact you within 3-5 business days to request additional information. At your request, permits will be mailed or picked up once issued. Issued permits will automatically be forwarded on to the municipality and Building Official.

How long are my permits valid?

You have one year from the time your well permit is issued to complete construction. After that, the permit must be rewritten and a fee assessed. If changes are made which require a site visit, an additional fee may be required.

What inspections are made by Livingston County Environmental Health during the construction of my well?

The water well contractor will contact us for the required inspections.  Area Sanitarians will inspect water well construction activities on your property either before, during, or after competition of the well.  All inspections will be made promptly (usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays). Please note that any deviations from your original plans must be approved by Environmental Health before construction can begin.
Once the well is installed, the water must be tested to show it is safe. It is the property owner’s responsibility to collect the appropriate samples, as specified on your permit.  As an alternative, you may contract the water well drilling contractor or home builder to collect the samples on your behalf.  Sample bottles are available from a Certified Drinking Water Laboratory.

Certified Drinking Water Labs in Livingston County:

Brighton Analytical
2105 Pless Drive
Brighton, MI  48116
(810) 229-7575

Water Tech
718 S. Michigan Ave
Howell, MI  48843
(517) 548-2505

At a minimum, new wells must be tested for:

  • Bacteria: Must be negative.
  • Arsenic:  Must be 10 parts per billion (ppb) or less.
  • Nitrates: Must be 10 parts per million (ppm) or less.
Upon completion of the water well system inspections, a final approval (Completed Permit) will be issued when the following conditions are met:
  • The water well system has been approved.
  • Once these conditions are met, the Completed Permit will be forwarded to the appropriate building department. The building department must have this documentation on file before they will issue their Certificate of Occupancy.

For more information, please contact:

  • PDF IconArea Sanitarian (based on your Township)
  • Livingston County Environmental Health Division (517) 546-9858

Rules, Regulations, and Procedures: