COVID-19 School Guidance

COVID-19 School Guidance

 Planning for a Safe and Healthy School Year

Parents/Guardians can use the following tips and resources to prepare for the coming school year.

Keep students home when they are sick.

Know your risk.

  • Learn about your risk for severe illness by talking to your healthcare provider.
    • According to the CDC, people with certain medical conditions are more likely to get very sick with COVID-19.
    • If you or a family member are at high risk for severe illness, consider taking extra precautions to prevent COVID-19 illness (such as wearing a mask).
  • Stay informed about COVID-19 levels in your community.

Make a COVID-19 plan.

  • Make a plan for vaccination or learn if you are eligible for boosters.
    • Talk to your healthcare provider or visit to find a vaccine provider near you.
  • Be prepared for COVID-19 testing.
    • Tests are useful for early detections, especially if you have symptoms of COVID-19, were exposed, are planning to attend a large or unmasked gathering, or are planning to travel.
    • Keep a supply of self-test kits at home. You can order free tests at or through Project Access COVID Tests (Project ACT). Alternatively, you can buy tests online or in pharmacies and retail stores. Private health insurance may reimburse the cost of purchasing self-tests. Visit FDA’s website for a list of authorized tests.
    • Find local COVID-19 testing sites by visiting
  • Keep a supply of well-fitting masks.
    • Masks are helpful tools to reduce COVID-19 transmission, especially if you are feeling unwell, test positive for COVID-19, have been exposed, or are concerned about your risk level.
  • Learn if you are eligible for COVID-19 therapeutics.
    • Talk to your healthcare provider about whether you are eligible for preventative antibodies or COVID-19 antiviral treatment if you become infected.
  • Make an isolation plan.
    • If one or more of your family members becomes sick and needs to isolate at home, consider how you would get groceries or who would care for your child.