What are Pinworms?
Pinworm disease is a condition caused by parasitic worms that invade and live in the intestine. The disease is very common and can affect anyone.

How are they spread?
Eggs from the parasite can be found on any object used by an infected person.

How are they treated?

  • Medication may be prescribed for the infected person as well as the entire family.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after treatment.
  • Do not stop using the medication, even if symptoms go away. The parasite may not be completely gone.
  • Launder nightclothes and bed linens in hot soapy water daily. Don’t shake out bed linens.
  • Wear snug fitting undergarments at all times and change daily.
  • Take a shower or stand-up bath every morning.
  • Scrub bathroom floors and toilet seats, and air bedrooms daily.
  • Vacuum floors, rugs and upholstered furniture daily for several days after starting medication.

How can we prevent Pinworms?

  • Keep nails short; wash hands and nails often, especially before eating and after going to the toilet or after diaper changing.
  • Keep fingers out of mouth and discourage nail biting.
  • Avoid scratching the anal area.
  • Irritability
  • Anal itch
  • Difficulty sleeping at night