Award Recipients

Award Recipients

The top employee of each calendar quarter will be recognized at a Finance Committee Meeting,  the annual State of the County address, be featured in an article in the County newsletter and on the County website, as well as with a certificate of appreciation and a token of appreciation.

Our 4th quarter 2020 recognition program we received 83 nominations for employees from across the County! Congratulations to all nominees and thank you for your Outstanding Customer Service to Livingston County!

 4th Quarter 2020 Nominations

Congratulations to our 4th Quarter 2020 Employee Recognition Winner:

Allison Nalepa- County Administration


The individual who nominated Allison wrote: 

"Allison puts her heart into every project she manages and she is a joy to work with! On a daily basis, Allison's positive attitude, enthusiasm and quick wit are sincerely appreciated! Her willingness to take on county-wide projects and deliver an outstanding product is priceless!"

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

7 Years

What are some small things that make your day better?

"Working remotely lately, I enjoy the frequent "check-ins" my dogs make sure to clock in every two hours or so. They come nudge my elbow for a few pets and nothing makes me smile more. I also look forward to Zoom meetings where I get to stay connected with my co-workers, who I consider my friends. "

IYou would be surprised to learn that: 

 "I’m a Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener and I’m completely addicted to gardening. Each summer I make it a personal goal to plant as many heirloom tomato plants I possibly can. Exploring new plant varieties and growing techniques keep me busy. If you’re ever in need of the perfect tomato for a BLT, I’m the one to call."

How do you relax after a long day of work?

 "I'm a music lover, so I enjoy selecting an album from my collection of records, starting my turntable, and turning up the volume to enjoy some tunes as my husband and I make dinner together. "

Our 4th quarter nominations:

  • Mark Allstead - Sheriff
  • Adam Baranski - L.E.T.S.
  • Jennifer Bee - Building
  • Barb Behe - Building
  • Stacey Bono - Human Resources
  • Joe Bridgeman - County Clerk
  • Celeste Brooks - Circuit Court
  • Julie Brooks - L.E.T.S.
  • Elaine Brown - Health Department
  • John Bush - Drain
  • Judge Miriam Cavanaugh - Probate Court/Juvenile Court
  • Amy Chapman - EMS
  • Brandon Ciciotti - Prosecutor's Office
  • Katie Clark - Register of Deeds
  • Leslie Coffman - IT
  • Aaron Cohen - Central Services
  • Dena Daher - Veteran Services
  • Dan Drew - Building Department
  • Anita Elmgren - Circuit Court
  • Hilary Elrod - Prosecutor's Office
  • Julia Goeman - Juvenile Finance
  • James Gramza - EMS
  • Mary Helfmann - Register of Deeds
  • Dee Hilborn - EMS Billing
  • Amy Hill - Human Resources
  • Natalie Hunt - Board of Commissioners
  • Dep. Ray Jacques - Sheriff
  • Dep. Lauren Jaikins - Sheriff
  • Jeff Johnson - Juvenile Court
  • Kim Kanik - Human Resources
  • Jennifer King - Facility Services
  • Amy Kostesich - County Clerk
  • Paige Krager - Facility Services
  • Jen Kramer - Health Department
  • Sgt. Kendall Kretzschmer - Sheriff
  • Dep. Jeff Krysan - Sheriff
  • Kelley Lindquist - Juvenile Court
  • Dan Lorigan - District Court
  • Sgt. Kevin Mack - Sheriff
  • Hunter Mayes - Drain
  • Dianne McCormick - Health Department
  • Dep. Julia Mcleod - Sheriff
  • Stephanie Milburn - Central Services
  • Kimberly Morrison - Prosecutor's Office
  • Dep. Mike Murphy - Sheriff
  • Allison Nalepa - Administration
  • Jennifer Nash - Treasurer
  • Amanda Nichols - Central Services
  • Kelly Olinik - FOC
  • Lori Pickett - Facility Services
  • Kim Quinn - EMS
  • Nicole Reid - FOC
  • Jennifer Rydel - IT
  • Renee Salmen - Prosecutor's Office
  • Victoria Shareck - Sheriff
  • Carol Shaw - Building
  • Eliisa Seigle - L.E.T.S.
  • Janet Slavin - Health Department
  • Kris Tobbe - IT
  • Deborah Ursin - L.E.T.S.
  • Bryan Varacalle - Drain
  • Will Vinton - Treasurer
  • Andrew Yehle - District Court
  • Elizabeth Young - Fiscal Services
  • All the Paramedics at EMS
  • West Complex Cleaning Staff 

 3rd Quarter 2020 Nominations

Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter 2020 Employee Recognition Winner:

Glenda "Gail" Cook- Facility Services

The individuals (5) who nominated Gail wrote: 

"Gail has been cleaning during the day at the East Complex since we re-opened in May. Our building has never been cleaner! She cleans from top to bottom the counters, doors, bathrooms, etc. always with a smile on her face! She has also gifted us beautiful plants on our countertops and in our hallways. She is an absolute gift and an asset to Livingston County."

"She does an excellent job keeping our building clean during the day. It's been cleaner than it ever has been. You'd think there were more people cleaning during the workday because of the exceptional job she does- especially keeping the bathrooms clean!"

"She does an amazing job keeping our building clean, always has a smile on her face and a great attitude! She truly is a pleasure to have around, and we are so thankful for what a great job she does keeping our building clean."

"All through COVID, she has been religiously cleaning our office multiple times a day. She is always respectful, courteous, and friendly. I've come to enjoy her visits in the office. Not to mention our office and front bathroom have never been cleaner!"

"Before, during and after COVID, she has supported us in any way she can with our needs in the WIC office. She has cleaned around us, helped us organize, and provided us with a daily dose of smile when we needed it. We are in week 17 of this COVID chaos, and she's still working harder than ever! An absolute JOY to have in our East Complex."

Our 3rd quarter nominations:

  • Dep. Mark Allstead - Sheriff
  • Kristi Andrews - Probate
  • Sgt. Roy Asquith - Sheriff
  • Chris Beaupre - Facility Services
  • Jennifer Bee - Building
  • Barb Behe - Building
  • Barb Benford - District Court
  • Stacy Bono - Human Resources 
  • Sue Bostwick - Equalization
  • Lisa Bove - District Court
  • Tyler Boyd - Friend of the Court
  • Celeste Brooks - Circuit Court
  • Elaine Brown - Health Department
  • Cindy Catanach - Fiscal Services
  • Jackie Chivinsky - Circuit Court
  • Leslie Coffman - GIS
  • Glenda "Gail" Cook - Facility Services
  • Kristi Cox- County Clerk - Legal Division 
  • Erin Dolan - 911 Central Dispatch
  • Hilary Elrod - Prosecutors Office
  • Elyse Fuentes - County Clerk- Legal Division
  • Lindsey Gestro - Health
  • Julia Goeman - Health
  • Kathy Gorecki - Register of Deeds
  • Kathy Gostomski - Sheriff
  • Amy Grissom - County Clerk- Legal Division 
  • Gina Hager - District Court
  • Denise Harrison - Probate Court
  • Kathryn Health - Probation
  • Steve Hoyer- IT
  • Patti Hunt - Circuit Court
  • Laura Igna - Building
  • Jaclyn Kaminski - Circuit Court
  • Brita Karlsson-Wisniewski - County Clerk
  • Andy King - EMS
  • Jill Klebba - Friend of the Court
  • Amy Kostesich - County Clerk
  • Dep. Jeff Krysan - Sheriff
  • Katie Kroll - Circuit Court
  • Michelle LaRose - Drain
  • Kay Latson - Prosecutors Office 
  • Darren Lockhart - Sheriff
  • Christian Lopez - 911 Central Dispatch
  • Sgt. Kevin Mack - Sheriff
  • Darcy MacMillan - Sheriff
  • Dr. Meredith Mallory - Animal Shelter
  • Nick Malouf - Building
  • Hunter Hayes - Drain
  • Barb McInnes - District Court
  • Shelly Messing -  Drain
  • Stephanie Milburn - Central Services
  • Tim Miles - IT
  • Autumn Millerov - EMS
  • Patricia Moore - Health Department
  • Tammi Morris - District Court
  • Lt. Mike Nast - Sheriff
  • Amanda Nichols -Central Services
  • Kelly Ochodnicky - County Clerk- Legal Division
  • Nicole Powers - Register of Deeds
  • Jeannine Pratt - Circuit Court
  • Ashley Pyzik - 911 Central Dispatch
  • Kimberly Quinn - EMS
  • Melissa Rice - 911 Central Dispatch
  • Gail Rizzo - District Court
  • Kathy Rosenberg - EMS
  • Lisa Bailey-Roush - Probate Court
  • Courtney Rynkiewicz - Health
  • Melissa Scharrer - Friend of the Court
  • Lynne Schickling - County Clerk- Legal Division
  • Jonathan Shannon - Friend of the Court
  • Carol Shaw - Building
  • Alexandra Sommer - Probation
  • Matt Stanley - Building
  • Robert Vinton - LETS
  • Kristi Wahoski - Emergency Management
  • Susan Williams - Register of Deeds
  • Hope Wisely - Probate Court
  • 911 Central Dispatch Team
  • Animal Shelter Team

 2nd Quarter 2020 Nominations

Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter 2020 Employee Recognition Winner:

Jaclyn Kaminski - Circuit Court

The individuals (3) who nominated Jaclyn wrote: 

"Jaclyn is such a great team player and always gives 110% of herself to her work and helping others. She is always there to help and assist whenever she's needed. During the current pandemic she stepped up to organize the office schedule, the Judge's docket , and she even made masks for the office staff as well as other employees including FOC staff."

"During this unprecedented time of doing court hearings by zoom, Jaclyn has been amazing at communicating with attorneys and sending out a schedule of the approximate time of when the hearings will take place. This new process has been technologically challenging for some and Jaclyn has left us feeling comfortable and confident in appearing by zoom before the Judge. She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to the Judge's staff."

"Works diligently behind the scenes to ensure the judge's docket is run smoothly. Works many hours of overtime every week. Always has time for questions from other staff whole maintaining sense of humor & patience. Most people don't notice how hard she works! Helpful to attorneys & pro per litigants. She should be recognized!"  

Our 2nd quarter nominations:

  • Kristy Andrews - Probate
  • Jennifer Bee - Building
  • Darrin Burns - Drain
  • Stephanie Curd - Friend of the Court
  • Dan DuChene - Circuit Court
  • Kathy Gorecki - Register of Deeds
  • Denise Harrison - Probate
  • Steve Hasbrouck - Drain
  • Amanda Joseph - Public Defender
  • Jaclyn Kaminski - Circuit Court
  • Jennifer Kramer - Health 
  • Sandon Lettieri- IT
  • Sgt. Kevin Mack - Sheriff
  • Steve McCullough -EMS
  • Allison Nalepa - IT
  • Julie Pollock - District Court
  • Jeannine Pratt - Circuit Court
  • Courtney Rynkiewicz - Health
  • Melissa Scharer - Friend of the Court
  • Rob Quigley - Drain
  • All Public Health Nurses - Health

 1st Quarter 2020 Nominations

Congratulations to our 1st Quarter 2020 Employee Recognition Winner:

Deputy Ray Marino - Sheriff Department

The individual who nominated Deputy Marino wrote: 

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Deputy Marino and those who helped him with a school incident. I have heard horror stories about High School Security Staff questioning students to get any kind of information and not calling parents immediately. I was so relieved that Deputy Marino handled our situation immediately with us and with my son. He showed my son exactly how things should be handled by law enforcement all while having a great attitude for dealing with a teenager. I appreciate Deputy Marino’s experience being that he could tell another student threw my son's name out there as an accomplice to try to get himself out of trouble. Dealing with teenagers and parents cannot be an easy task and I hope Deputy Marino is recognized for his work."

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

19 Years

If you had to spend all of your vacations for the rest of your life in the same place, where would you go and why?

"Hawaii, it is the most amazing place I've ever seen in my life"

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick and why? 

 "My mother, because she's the most amazing person that has ever walked this earth, and I miss her terribly."

Do you prefer the Ocean, Lake or Pool?

Our 1st quarter nominations:
  • Kristina Andrews - Probate
  • Dawn Ducett - Central Services 
  • Kathy Gostomski - Sheriff
  • Nikki Grover - LETS
  • Gina Hager - District Court
  • Denise Harrison - Probate
  • Buffy Kahl - LETS
  • Britta Karlsson-Wisniewski - County Clerk
  • Amy Kostesich - County Clerk
  • Sandon Lettieri - IT
  • Deputy Ray Marino - Sheriff
  • Dianne McCormick - Health Department
  • Kelly Olinik - Friend of the Court
  • Erin Ostwald - Juvenile Court
  • Ken Recker - Drain
  • John Waters - EMS
  • Sandy Williams - Health Department
  • Hope Wiseley - Probate

 4th Quarter 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to our 4th 2019 Quarter Employee Recognition Winner:

Steven Allen - EMS

The individual who nominated Steven wrote: 

"Steve is always going above and beyond at work and always has a smile on his face! I was working with Steve last week when we were dispatched to a corner for a "man down." When we arrived we found a homeless man sleeping with no medical complaints. After talking with the homeless gentleman for about 10 minutes Steve ascertained that the man had not eaten anything in two days. After we cleared Steve drove to VGs and purchased $30 in food and personal hygiene items and delivered them to the guy without a second thought! Steve is the kind of Paramedic I want working on my family if the need ever arises. He is caring and a patient advocate to the end! Steve is truly deserving of recognition for going above and beyond!"

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

5 Years

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

 "I have always wanted to travel to Ireland with my wife and rent motorcycles. I always felt that it would be amazing to ride from town to town while stopping to see the castles and countryside."

Our 4th quarter nominations:

  • Steven Allen - EMS
  • Lisa Blades - District Court
  • Carol Campbell - Animal Shelter
  • Katie Clark - Register of Deeds
  • Leslie Coffman - GIS
  • Mitch Dempsey - Drain
  • Hilary Elrod - Prosecutor
  • Kayla Engel - Friend of the Court
  • Jessica Faron - Juvenile Court
  • Elyse Fuentes - County Clerk- Circuit Court
  • Aaron Furman - EMS
  • Ashley Gillies - Courts
  • Amy Grissom - County Clerk- Circuit Court
  • Nicole Grover - LETS
  • Cindy Hagerty - County Clerk- Circuit Court
  • Denise Harrison - Probate Court
  • Kathryn Heath - Probation
  • Mary Helfmann - Register of Deeds
  • Dee Hilborn - EMS
  • John Hines - Building Department
  • Elizabeth Hundley - County Clerk
  • Jeff Johnson - Juvenile Court
  • Letha Khozouie - District Court
  • Carrie Keogh - Friend of the Court
  • Karen Kehoe - Building Department
  • Amy Kostesich - County Clerk
  • Harrison Kostka - 911
  • Sandon Lettieri - GIS
  • Darcy MacMillan - Jail
  • Kim Mcewan - County Clerk- Circuit Court
  • Julie Mullins - Circuit Court
  • Barbara Murphy - Health Department
  • Laura Ness - Jail
  • Kelly Ochodnicky - County Clerk- Circuit Court
  • Christy Peterson - Animal Shelter
  • Emily Rosse - Register of Deeds
  • Bill Schuster - Sheriff
  • Heather Smothers - Probate Court
  • Jack Stonebraker - LETS
  • Leslie Stultz - District Court
  • Jeff Warder - Sheriff
  • W.I.C Office - Health Department
  • Health Department - Entire Staff
  • Building Department - Entire Staff

 3rd Quarter 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to our 3rd 2019 Quarter Employee Recognition Winner:

Dawn Ducett - District Court

Dawn received three nominations:

"Dawn has always helped me in anyway possible when working with my finances and what I know. She is compassionate, kind and friendly. She truly is outstanding in more ways than I can count."

"Always friendly and non judgemental. I look forward to seeing her and enjoy her professional attitude."

"Always kind and polite and very professional"

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

21 Years

What's your favorite season?: 

"I love summer. I love taking my dog for walks, swimming in the pool, reading a book, and BBQ’s with family and friends."

If you had to spend all of your vacations for the rest of your life in the same place, where would you go and why?

"I love to travel to different islands of the Caribbean." 

Our 3rd quarter nominations:

  • Wendy Amell - Friend of the Court
  • Carrie Aulette - Building Department
  • Cory Baker - IT
  • Lisa Blades - District Court
  • Lisa Bove - District Court
  • Tyler Boyd - FOC
  • Scott Brown - Drain Department
  • Vicki Calkins - Drain Department
  • Michelle Coan-Bradley - Clerk Circuit Court
  • Karen Devries - Sheriff Department
  • Dawn Ducett - Court Central Services
  • Elyse Fuentes - Clerk Circuit Court
  • Kathy Gostomski - Sheriff Department
  • Denise Harrison - Probate Court
  • Steve Harvey - Court Security/ Central Services
  • Steve Hasbrouck - Drain Department
  • Jackie Hawkins - County Clerk
  • David Henard - Drain Department
  • Mark Hutchison - Drain Department
  • Terri Jensen - Treasurer
  • Kathryn Kennedy - Health Department
  • Paige Krager - Facility Services
  • Leane Lowe - 911 Central Dispatch
  • Shelly Messing - Drain Department
  • Tanya Morrow - Juvenile Court
  • Allison Nalepa - IT
  • Michelle Olrich - County Clerk
  • Kathy Palinkas - Airport
  • Sergeant Daniel Pengelly - Sheriff Department
  • Le Perkins - Facility Services
  • Jennifer Rydel - IT
  • Courtney Rynkiewicz - Health Department
  • Tony Savoni - Building Department
  • Charles Schulke - Court Security
  • Jerry Sherwood - District Court
  • Janet Slavin - Health Department
  • Austin Smith - IT
  • Rob Spaulding - Drain Department
  • Joshua Stinson - IT
  • Donald Tremel - Court Security/Central Services
  • Bob Vinton - L.E.T.S.
  • Corrinna Yeager - Building Department

 2nd Quarter 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to our 2nd 2019 Quarter Employee Recognition Winner:

Ken Recker- Drain Department

The individual who nominated Ken wrote: 

"For over 22 years, Ken Recker, Chief Deputy Drain Commissioner, has been serving Livingston County and its residents. His stored knowledge of property and drainage history is invaluable. He approaches every task with professionalism and every person with respect. His shoulders take the weight of much responsibility which he handles with perseverance, but more importantly, with integrity. His extra efforts, dedication, insights, and opinions are all extremely valuable to the successful undertakings of the Drain Commissioner’s office. Most of all, he demonstrates the quality of humility, which can be hard to find in today’s business world. Ken is trusted to professionally represent the Drain Commissioner and the office to other municipal staff and various governmental officials. He also routinely meets with the public to discuss difficult property issues. He strives to always be respectful and to be helpful with advice, assistance, or referral – even when a person may be emotional or volatile. He enjoys good humor, and his laugh itself will make anyone smile. Ken has done more than just fulfill the responsibilities of his position, and he has done so with no pursuit of recognition or accolade. After so many years of dedicated, professional, significant service, I highly recommend Ken for Employee Recognition. A specific example: In the process of responding to a petition to construct a new drain, the petition circulator’s property sold right about the time of the Day of Review of Assessment. The Drain Code only requires that we send the notice to the owner on the last assessment roll. But when the letter addressed to the PO Box of the original owner was returned, Ken made a point of personally going out to the property and visiting with the new owner to ensure he received the notice and to discuss the impact and likely assessment on his property. This is typical of the personal attention Ken gives to his work and to the public."

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

22 Years

You would be surprised to learn that: 

"I’m not a very good swimmer.  However I don’t mind wading."

What are some small things that make my day better:

 "Glenda (my wife) or Olivia (my daughter) checking in on me.  Conversing with fellow municipal engineers.  Troubleshooting a simple problem by looking at historical aerial imagery.  Taking a walk around the parking lot in the middle of the day." 

Favorite genre of movie: 

"It drives Glenda nuts but I enjoy the Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns (For a Few Dollars More, Outlaw Josey Wales, etc.)"

Our 2nd quarter nominations:

  • Kristy Andrews - Probate
  • Cory Baker - IT
  • Chris Beaupre - Facility Services
  • Lisa Blades - District Court
  • Donna Blevins - Animal Shelter
  • Joseph Bridgman - County Clerk
  • Katey Brooks - Central Services
  • Jessica Brzys - Central Services
  • Vicki Calkins - Drain Department
  • Dawn Ducett - District Court
  • Mary Durst - Veterans Services
  • Sandy Engel - Friend of the Court
  • Elyse Fuentes - Clerk-Legal Division
  • Kristen Genovese - District Court
  • Diane Gregor - IT
  • Joseph Hahn - EMS
  • Jonathan Hall - Veterans Services
  • Toby Hanna - Facility Services
  • Sherry Hauck - Clerk- Legal Division
  • Jacki Hawkins - County Clerk
  • Kathryn Heath - District Court- Probation
  • Mary Helfmann - Register of Deeds
  • Robyn Hodge - Treasurer
  • Steve Hoyer - IT
  • David Huntley - Friend of the Curt
  • Terri Jensen - Treasurer
  • Buffy Kahl - L.E.T.S.
  • Mary Kuzner - County Clerk
  • Chelsey Lako - Facility Services
  • Dan Lorigan - District Court
  • Jennifer McGinty - Drain Department
  • Barbara McInnes -  District Court
  • Shelly Messing - Drain Department
  • Teresa Murrish - Equalization
  • Jennifer Nash - Treasurer
  • Katie Niehaus - Juvenile Courts
  • Shera Novak - District Court- Probation
  • Kelly Ochodnicky - Clerk- Legal Division
  • Brittany Pendleton - Probate Court
  • Ken Recker - Drain Department
  • Carol Shaw - Building Department
  • Shawn Shaw - Clerk- Legal Division
  • Crystal Simmons - County Clerk
  • Janet Slavin - Health Department
  • Heather Smothers - Probate Court
  • Amy Tinnion - Clerk-Legal Division  
  • Bryan Varacalle - Drain Department
  • Dan Williams - EMS

 1st Quarter 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to our 1st 2019 Quarter Employee Recognition Winner:

Mary Kuzner- County Clerk


The individuals who nominated Employee wrote: (Mary Received 11 Nominations)

"Nice J ", "Very Helpful", "Mary was very helpful and efficient. She made the experience comfortable", "Excellent service", "Very competent, and polite", "Mary was VERY quick & efficient! Had me in and out quickly". "Very helpful & nice", "Very helpful in assisting with my DBA forms", "Courteous and efficient service", "Friendly, quick and efficient document processing!", "She gave me all the information I asked about & needed when renewing my business name! Very nice to talk with!"

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

It will be two years this August. 

The thing I like most about working for Livingston County is: 

The wonderful group of people I work with. Elizabeth Hundley is an incredible leader who makes everyone feel like they are valued. Clerk Hundley and my fellow coworkers are always pitching in to help out. Each one of us is unique, and where one has weakness, another will bring strength. We work together to resolve problems and tackle large tasks thus creating an environment of respect and thankfulness. I also would like to mention that it is truly a pleasure to work alongside Joseph Bridgman on a daily basis. He is a wealth of knowledge, help, and humor.

What are some small things that make your day better? 

Every morning when I arrive at work my coworkers greet me with a cheery good morning. They each have a wonderful sense of humor which helps keep my days positive and happy. I also enjoy meeting and conversing with the residents of Livingston County, the local Township Clerks and their employees and my extended county employees. I have had the pleasure of many enjoyable and interesting conversations.

How do you relax after a hard day of work? 

By attending my son's sporting events or taking my dog for a walk/run.

Do you prefer the Ocean, Lake or Pool? 

Definitely a  lake because it is perfect for boating activities and swimming.

Where is the most interesting place you've been? 

The mountains/jungles of Costa Rica. Although the heat and creepy crawlers took some getting used to, the surfing and deep sea fishing were incredible. I would love to vacation there again.

If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be? 

A solar powered all terrain vehicle, a fully loaded yacht and a helicopter. Actually, I've been to a deserted island – I took sunscreen, my camera and a lunch.

Our 1st quarter nominations:

  • Lisa Blades - District Court
  • Stacy Bono - Human Resources
  • Joe Bridgman - County Clerk
  • Celeste Brooks – County Clerk
  • Amy Chapman - EMS
  • Kristi Cox -County Clerk - Legal Division
  • Elyse Fuentes - County Clerk
  • Gabriella Garlock - Register of Deeds
  • Kathy Gostomski - Sheriff
  • Diane Gregor - IT
  • Hon. Michael Hatty - Circuit Court
  • Jacki Hawkins - County Clerk
  • Kathryn Heath – District Court Probation
  • Robin Hodge - Treasurer
  • Amy Kostesich - County Clerk
  • Mary Kuzner - County Clerk
  • Allison Nalepa - IT
  • Amanda Nichols -Central Services
  • Michelle Olrich - County Clerk
  • Patrick Osdras - Building Department
  • Sheri Pummill - Prosecutor
  • Kathy Rosenbergh - EMS
  • Lisa Roush - Circuit Court
  • Deputy Ryan Sanders - Sheriff
  • Elissa Seigle - L.E.T.S.
  • Janet Slavin - Health