Award Recipients

Award Recipients

The top employee of each calendar quarter will be recognized at a Finance Committee Meeting,  the annual State of the County address, be featured in an article in the County newsletter and on the County website, as well as with a certificate of appreciation and a token of appreciation.

Our 1st quarter recognition program we received 42 nominations for employees from across the County! Congratulations to all nominees and thank you for your Outstanding Customer Service to Livingston County!

 1st Quarter Nominations

Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Employee Recognition Winner:

Mary Kuzner- County Clerk

The individuals who nominated Employee wrote: (Mary Received 11 Nominations)

"Nice J ", "Very Helpful", "Mary was very helpful and efficient. She made the experience comfortable", "Excellent service", "Very competent, and polite", "Mary was VERY quick & efficient! Had me in and out quickly". "Very helpful & nice", "Very helpful in assisting with my DBA forms", "Courteous and efficient service", "Friendly, quick and efficient document processing!", "She gave me all the information I asked about & needed when renewing my business name! Very nice to talk with!"

Number of Years Employed by Livingston County: 

It will be two years this August. 

The thing I like most about working for Livingston County is: 

The wonderful group of people I work with. Elizabeth Hundley is an incredible leader who makes everyone feel like they are valued. Clerk Hundley and my fellow coworkers are always pitching in to help out. Each one of us is unique, and where one has weakness, another will bring strength. We work together to resolve problems and tackle large tasks thus creating an environment of respect and thankfulness. I also would like to mention that it is truly a pleasure to work alongside Joseph Bridgman on a daily basis. He is a wealth of knowledge, help, and humor.

What are some small things that make your day better? 

Every morning when I arrive at work my coworkers greet me with a cheery good morning. They each have a wonderful sense of humor which helps keep my days positive and happy. I also enjoy meeting and conversing with the residents of Livingston County, the local Township Clerks and their employees and my extended county employees. I have had the pleasure of many enjoyable and interesting conversations.

How do you relax after a hard day of work? 

By attending my son's sporting events or taking my dog for a walk/run.

Do you prefer the Ocean, Lake or Pool? 

Definitely a  lake because it is perfect for boating activities and swimming.

Where is the most interesting place you've been? 

The mountains/jungles of Costa Rica. Although the heat and creepy crawlers took some getting used to, the surfing and deep sea fishing were incredible. I would love to vacation there again.

If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be? 

A solar powered all terrain vehicle, a fully loaded yacht and a helicopter. Actually, I've been to a deserted island – I took sunscreen, my camera and a lunch.

Our 1st quarter nominations:

  • Lisa Blades- District Court
  • Stacy Bono- Human Resources
  • Joe Bridgman- County Clerk
  • Celeste Brooks – County Clerk
  • Amy Chapman- EMS
  • Kristi Cox-County Clerk- Legal Division
  • Elyse Fuentes- County Clerk
  • Gabriella Garlock- Register of Deeds
  • Kathy Gostomski- Sheriff
  • Diane Gregor- IT
  • Hon. Michael Hatty- Circuit Court
  • Jacki Hawkins- County Clerk
  • Kathryn Heath – District Court Probation
  • Robin Hodge- Treasurer
  • Amy Kostesich- County Clerk
  • Mary Kuzner- County Clerk
  • Allison Nalepa- IT
  • Amanda Nichols-Central Services
  • Michelle Olrich- County Clerk
  • Patrick Osdras- Building Department
  • Sheri Pummill- Prosecutor
  • Kathy Rosenbergh- EMS
  • Lisa Roush- Circuit Court
  • Deputy Ryan Sanders- Sheriff
  • Elissa Seigle- L.E.T.S.
  • Janet Slavin- Health