Abilities Alliance

Abilities Alliance

Abilities Alliance

Youth and adults with disabilities have abilities and talents like everyone else.  The Abilities Alliance would like to organize the community to provide collaborative opportunities to youth and adults as well as address the many challenges that may exist in our community.  One key area this workgroup would like to address is to change the conversation from “disabilities” to “ABILITIES”.  There are many great things happening in our community now but this workgroup will seek to organize opportunities in areas like housing, transportation, employment, recreational, family support and fun.   The primary goal is to increase understanding, reduce stigma and provide opportunities.


Workgroup Goal(s):  To ensure individuals are first seen with abilities and are given similar   

opportunities to be active in our community.  The key areas that will be addressed are:

  1. Create a method of communication for all individuals; ensure individuals have information about opportunities in many ways.
  2. Increase understanding and reduce stigma
  3. Education assistance
    Support and partner with the schools on expanding opportunities
  4. Employment assistance
    Career planning
    Expand employment options based on abilities/interest
    Work with employers in our county
  5. Transportation
  6. Social and Recreational Activities
    Ensure barriers are addressed to be part of the community events and support other events that are identified
    Workgroup Objectives:
  • Identify gaps and needs that interfere with people with disabilities accessing and being included in our community.
  • Increase community recognition of gaps and needs.
  • Educate the community, through providing/sharing information about opportunities/events that mindfully include all.
  • Recognize community partners who demonstrate a value of people of all abilities.

Resource Guide

Abilities Alliance 2018 Directory.docx

To learn more about the Abilities Alliance, please contact Anne Rennie at arennie@cmhliv.org