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Livingston County Hunger Council

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Livingston County Hunger Council
The Livingston County Hunger Council (LCHC) was established in 2008 as a subcommittee of the Basic Needs and Beyond Workgroup. The Basic Needs and Beyond Workgroup was established to develop countywide systems to address gaps in all residents meeting their basic needs.  This Workgroup achieved it's goals by 2013 and was able to move into specific strategies for system change.  The Hunger Council is one area where clear systems are developed to address food insecurity in our county.
The Livingston County Hunger Council has a mission to engage with the community to eliminate hunger in Livingston County. LCHC will target food insecurity by addressing access to fresh food, optimizing government food programs, empowering the community to make healthy food choices and strengthening private and charitable food programs.
Success of the LCHC depends on the ongoing commitment of Livingston County organizations, officials, local governments and residents to aid in ending hunger. Members are required to demonstrate their commitment to the cause by signing a membership agreement on behalf of themselves, their organizations or as representatives from their organization.
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Food Initiatives
Summer Lunch Bunch
This program is designed to ensure all children have the food needed to sustain them over summer vacation.  Often families will rely on the support of the Free and Reduced food program at their school to help with lunches.  Over summer, this resource is not longer available.  This program provides a hot meal and fun activities one day a week at 7 sites.  Then the child received a food pack that will cover their lunches for the next week.
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Community Gardens
This program addresses the need for fresh fruit and vegetables available to the families that access food pantries.  The program offers 11 gardens throughout the county that is tended to by mostly volunteer staff.  These gardens are harvested and the food is given to families through a number of food pantries throughout the county. 
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Cooking Matters
This program provides healthy cooking options that emphasize the value of nutrition without losing the importance of good taste.  They discuss nutritious and low costs shopping techniques and ways to hide veggies into kids meals.  Classes are offered to allow parents to learn new techniques for feeding their families. 
Food Pantry Network
This program pulls together the many food pantries available throughout the county.  They work together to support the needs of all residents and have collaborated on fundraisers, holiday initiatives and hot meal offerings.
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