Youth in Transition

Youth in Transition


Youth transitioning to adulthood is the primary target population for this workgroup.  These youth are defined as ages 14-22 and as needing additional assistance in their transition to adulthood.  This group will include youth with limited or no natural supports of family, foster youth aging out of system, homeless and disengaged youth, and any other vulnerable youth that is experiencing additional challenges to transitioning to adulthood.  The primary goal is to support young people who might otherwise fall through the cracks.


Workgroup Goals:  

To ensure necessary services and supports are available and obtained for youth transitioning to adulthood (ages 14-22) by addressing 5 problematic outcome areas:

  1. Housing
    •  Recruit independent living homes
  2. Create a youth friendly resource guide
  3. Education assistance
    • Graduating high school
    • Applying for high education
  4. Employment assistance
    • Career planning
    • Aptitude testing
  5. Transportation
    • Assist youth with obtaining their driver's license
    • Completing drivers education
    • Buying a car
    • Paying for insurance
    • Car Maintenance

    Workgroup Objectives:
  • To develop protocols to better streamline and integrate services
  • To link youth in crisis situations with services
  • To fill gap and need areas in services to these youth in conjunction with other HSCB workgroups when applicable.
  • To gain a working understanding of available funds to support youth and what can be covered, so gaps can be identified and addressed.

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