Community Needs Assessment and Evaluation Committee
Livingston County, MichiganHuman Services Collaborative BodyCommunity Needs Assessment and Evaluation Committee

Community Needs Assessment and Evaluation Committee

The Livingston County Community Needs Assessment Committee was developed as a way to keep the needs of our community at the forefront of decisions in the county.  The committee reviews assessments and data collections throughout the county to ensure a clear understanding of the gaps and needs presented.


To assess and increase community awareness of the health and human service needs in Livingston County and assist in evaluation of collaborative projects.

Committee Objectives      

1. To further analyze county specific data sources.
2. To collect and analyze administrative data from agencies including determination of what data to track over time.
3. Provide technical assistance to collaborative programs/projects and workgroups on evaluation design, data collection, analysis, and presentation.
4. Determine need for additional community surveys.
5. To provide a central location to track surveying in the community to ensure duplication does not occur – serve as central point for timing and funding of surveys.
6. To develop an annual report card of broad community indicators.


Success of the Community Needs Assessment Committee depends upon the ongoing commitment of Livingston County organizations, businesses, officials, local government and residents. Together they work to ensure all county residents are represented and gaps are addressed.

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