Funding Partners Workgroup

Funding Partners Workgroup

Workgroup Goal

To facilitate the provision of flexible, responsive funding for evidence based services and promising practices that support children and their families who require multi-system responses.

Workgroup Objectives

  1. Provide oversight to the existing Wraparound blended capitated and SED Waiver models. This includes evaluation and the development of strategies to increase access to and enhance the provision of services for Wraparound
  2. Provide oversight to the Community Consultation Team
  3. Determine services and projects that will receive reinvested funds from the Enterprise fund
  4. Provide a community barrier buster process for funding issues
  5. Examine gaps and barriers in children’s services
  6. Identify and implement evidence based models to fill gaps and barriers in children’s services
  7. Support services and programs developed to address gaps and barriers
  8. Move forward the concept of collaborative funding by exploring the expansion of this funding model to other populations
  9. Provide, as feasible, technical assistance to agencies and organizations who want to utilize this funding model
  10. Support the skill development of Livingston County human service providers and their staff through a series of Core Competency Trainings each year


Success of the Funding Partners Workgroup depends upon the ongoing commitment of Livingston County organizations, businesses, officials, local government and residents.  Together they work to ensure all county residents are represented and gaps are addressed.

Funding Partners Workgroup Members

Chair: Debby Shaw - Livingston County Courts

Vice- Chair: Nicole Adelman - Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan

Doug Haseley - Livingston Educational Service Agency

Connie Conklin - Livingston County Community Mental Health

Matt Vergith - Livingston County Community Mental Health

Ashley Luderer - Livingston County Community Mental Health

Dianne McCormick - Livingston County Health Department

Rebecca Leach - Livingston County Health Department

Jennifer Tate - Livingston County Department of Health and Human Services

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