Transportation Coalition

Transportation Coalition

The Livingston County Transportation Coalition (LCTC) is the local body approved by Livingston County Human Services Collaborative Body to coordinate and oversee the health and human service transportation needs of the community. It has been the steward of the county wide Coordinated Transportation Plan for more than 15 years and has been honored via proclamation by the County Commissioners on multiple occasions. LCTC formally meets monthly (excluding one summer month) and utilizes consensus voting where each member's vote has the same voice and weight as any other member.


Transportation Coalition

The Transportation Coalition was established in 2005 to begin to recognize the gaps in public transportation and pull together providers to identify strategies to eliminate these gaps. 

Workgroup Goal  

To increase the awareness of transportation issues and improve public transportation in Livingston County.


Workgroup Objectives:

1. Increase the availability of public transportation through:
a. Increased hours of operation
b. Increased service on evenings and weekends
c. Increased coordination with service providers in neighboring counties

2. Increase the understanding of transportation needs, issues, and assets by community members, service providers, and decision makers
3. Conduct a feasibility study to determine the specific transportation needs in the community
4. Maintain a viable community coalition that includes substantial involvement by consumers and transportation users

Coalition Values

The values below are the fundamental, strategically sound beliefs of a broad coalition of stakeholders, the Livingston County Transportation Coalition.  These are divided between:

Core values: those values that are deeply ingrained in the coalition that guide all of the coalition's decision and actions.

Aspirational values: those values that a coalition needs to succeed in attaining the future transportation vision of the coalition.

Core Values

The Coalition (and county) needs to establish a unified purpose and scope of public transportation; transportation services that support traveling together for the good of all.

The coalition should always reflect and promote the value of public transportation and work towards goals that improve the quality of life for the community.

The coalition will always act with honesty, integrity and transparency.

The coalition will be proactive in advocating for ever improving public transportation services in Livingston County.

Aspirational Values

All future transportation investments and services should

  1. be guided by systematic, rigorous planning towards a comprehensive, multimodal, integrated and efficient system
  2. reflect preferential service to the transit dependent residents, workers and visitors (vulnerable citizens)
  3. provide equitable opportunity to access community resources
  4. reflect a balance of value to business and consumers.
  5. be affordable and sustainable
  6. assure that all modes of transportation are safe
  7. be implemented through phased growth that minimizes risk and maximizes value
  8. incorporate innovative solutions, including those driven by technology and supported, where applicable, by multiple transportation providers and public-private partnerships
  9. improve the environmental impacts of transportation in and around our county

The processes to define and develop improved options for public transportation should

  1. involve collaboration of a diverse array of all stakeholders engaged through civility and thoughtful discussion
  2. lead to data and citizen driven decisions
  3. amplify the voice of need over the voice of control

Join the Conversation

Visit our Facebook Page for more information about activities and efforts to improve transportation in and around Livingston County

Recent Presentations:

A Vision for Better Transportation

A Vision for Transportation for Livingston County - 4-12-16.docx

Member Organizations:

  • Chambers of Commerce/DDA's (4): Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce, Howell Chamber of Commerce, Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce, Howell Downtown Development Authority
  • Seniors Centers/Programs (5): Area Agency on Aging 1-B, Brighton Senior Center, Hartland Senior Center, Fowlerville Senior Center, Senior Reach Program
  • Health Care (3): Community Mental Health Dept., St. Joseph Mercy Health Care System, Providence Hospital
  • Human Services/Disabilities (7): Livingston RICC, VIABIL, The Arc of Livingston, Human Services Collaborative Body, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Special Ministries, Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA)
  • Transportation Providers Agencies (4):  Livingston Essential Transportation Services (LETS), People's Express, Howell Cab, Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Businesses (12): Beck Development, Excel Employment, First Impressions Printing, Five Star Signs, Friends of Lakeland Trust, Key Plastics, Realtor, The Marketeer, Thai Summit, Tri-Bar Manufacturing, March Plating, Work Skills Corporation
  • Planners (5):  Conway Township Planning, City of Howell Planning, Howell Township Planning, Huron-Clinton Metroparks Planning Department, Livingston County Planning Department
  • Education/students (3): Cleary University, Howell Public Schools, Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA)
  • Environmental Organizations (1): Crossroads Group Sierra Club
  • Municipalities/County (8): City of Brighton, City of Howell, Hamburg Township, Marion Township, Green Oak Township, Conway Township, Livingston County Administration, Livingston County Board of Commissioners
  • Faith-based Community/Charitable (4):  Livingston County Catholic Charities, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, LOVE INC, Livingston County United Way
  • Transportation Advocacy (2):  Friends of Wally (North-South Commuter Rail), Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
  • Residents and Users of Transportation Services (27)

The Coalition is far more that a collection of organizations that meets monthly to discuss issues.  Members are active in advancing and even providing transportation in the county.  Members will continue this active collaboration to complete the proposed project through the coordination of the chair, Dr. Leo Hanifin. 

Join the Coalition

The Coalition meets 2nd Tuesday from 3-4:00 at the LESA Building (1425 W. Grant River) in Howell. 

Please contact for a list of current members.


Success of the Transportation Coalition depends upon the ongoing commitment of Livingston County Organizations, officials, local government and residents to develop a county-wide plan for transportation.  Members are required to demonstrate their commitment, but signing a membership agreement on behalf of themselves and their organizations.  Below are the organizations represented on the Steering Committee.


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