Transportation Coalition

Transportation Coalition


Transportation Coalition
The Transportation Coalition was established in 2005 to begin to recognize the gaps in public transportation and pull together providers to identify strategies to eliminate these gaps. 
Workgroup Goal  
To increase the awareness of transportation issues and improve public transportation in Livingston County.


Workgroup Objectives:

1. Increase the availability of public transportation through:
a. Increased hours of operation
b. Increased service on evenings and weekends
c. Increased coordination with service providers in neighboring counties

2. Increase the understanding of transportation needs, issues, and assets by community members, service providers, and decision makers

3. Conduct a feasibility study to determine the specific transportation needs in the community

4. Maintain a viable community coalition that includes substantial involvement by consumers and transportation users

Please contact HSCB for a list of current members.

A Vision for Transportation for Livingston County - 4-12-16.docx


Success of the Transportation Coalition depends upon the ongoing commitment of Livingston County Organizations, officials, local government and residents to develop a county-wide plan for transportation.  Members are required to demonstrate their commitment, but signing a membership agreement on behalf of themselves and their organizations.


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Transportation Summit - January 2017

FINAL Transportation Summit Report.pdf