GeoCaching is a fun way to discover new areas in your community. Visit GeoCaching 101 to learn more on how to begin your search! Many GeoCaches are located in local parks and cities within Livingston County including: Deerfield Hills Nature Area, Huron-Clinton Metro Parks, Brighton Recreation Area,  and both Howell and Brighton.  Just visit to find caches near you.  Have fun searching and discovering new areas in Livingston County!

Placement of caches are permitted at Lutz County Park. To hide your cache please submit a completed Livingston County GeoCaching Placement Permit Application and follow the rules listed below. 


1. Participants must comply with all GeoCaching and Michigan GeoCaching Organization Guidelines.  Visit and to review guidelines.

2.  Participants must comply with all Lutz County Park rules

3.  Before a cache is placed in Lutz county Park, a permit must be obtained from Livingston County Administration. There is no charge for this permit.  See the Livingston County GeoCaching Placement Site Permit Application for required information.

4.  Due to sensitive areas of the park, the location of the cache is subject to the approval of the administrative staff.  Upon receipt of the site permit application, the cache location(s) can either be approved or disapproved, or require modifications to the location of the cache.  Upon approval, the cache can then be placed.  At any time, Livingston County Administration can request that the cache be moved or removed.

5.  Caches can remain in place for one year from the date of the approved application.  After that date the cache must be removed or re-permitted.  This is done to protect areas from foot traffic.  Livingston County Administration should be contacted if caches are moved or removed during this period at:

6.  Cache locations must be naturally occurring hiding spots.  There can be no trees cut, pruned, or things attached to them with nails, screws or other fasteners; holes dug; vegetation removed or planted; nor new items brought in such as sculptures, boxes, etc.  No caches can be placed in birdhouses, nests or animal dens.

7.  Containers must be transparent and clearly marked "GeoCache".  Do not use ammo boxes, PVC pipes or other containers that might cause alarm.

8.  Offensive, illegal or dangerous items are not allowed in any cache.

9.  Caches placed to promote commercial, political, religious or other social agendas are also not allowed.

10.  The following statement shall be included on the web page:

"This cache is located within Lutz County Park, a Livingston County Park.  A Livingston County GeoCaching Placement Site Permit Application is required and all Lutz County Park rules apply.