Master Plan Community Demographics Tables and Charts
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningMaster Plan Community Demographics Tables and Charts

Master Plan Community Demographics Tables and Charts

demographics.jpg                                                                  Livingston County: Community Demographics Tables and Charts

The Community Profiles provided below includes comprehensive information for Livingston County and each local municipality for the following statistical categories:

  • Population - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey - Data: Population, Households, Housing Units, Population Change By Age, Forecasted Population, Senior and Youth Populations, Race and Hispanic Origin, Education Level, Marital Status, Ancestry 

  • Economy - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey, Michigan Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) Quarterly Reports - Data: Employment Status, Forecasted Jobs, Forecasted Jobs By Industry, Daytime Population, Commuting Patterns, Household Incomes, Poverty, Health Insurance Coverage, Labor Market and Demand Overview

  • Housing - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey - Data: Building Permits, Housing Types, Housing Tenure, Housing Value, Occupancy, Age of Residential Structure, Number of Vehicles, Heating, Gross Rent 

  • Transportation - Source: SEMCOG - Data: Pavement Condition, Bridge Status, Transportation to Work, Mean Travel Time to Work, Crash Data, High Frequency Intersection Crash Rankings, High Frequency Road Segment Crash Rankings

  • Environment and Land Use - Source: SEMCOG - Data: 2010 Land Cover, 2008 Land Use Category

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Community Profile: Livingston County,
LIVCO inset Map.jpg
In 2010 Livington County had a population of 180,957 persons (US Census).  In July 2015, Livingston County's estimated population had grown to 186,809 persons (SEMCOG).
SEMCOG: Population and Households Profile
SEMCOG: Economy and Jobs Profile
SEMCOG: Housing Profile
SEMCOG: Transportation Profile
SEMCOG: Environmental and Land Use Profile
US ECONOMIC CENSUS: 2012 Economy-Wide Key Statistics (NAICS)
MICHIGAN WORKFORCE INTELLIGENCE NETWORK: Livingston County Quarterly Labor Market Report