Master Plan Public Participation Plan
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Master Plan Public Participation Plan


The awareness and involvement of interested persons in governmental processes are critical to successful regional planning and programming. When the public is engaged in the process, their feedback helps ensure projects address community needs. Likewise, the public gains a better understanding of the tradeoffs and constraints associated with planning. The Livingston County Master Plan Public Participation Plan serves as a guide for the County's public involvement process as well as the continuing, comprehensive and coordinated planning process among the stakeholders to ensure the ongoing opportunity for broad-based participation in the development and review of plans and programs.

Time Line of Master Plan Public Participation Events:
May 26, 2015
​Intent to Plan letter was sent out to 20 local units of government.
Notice of Intent.pdf

June 16, 2015
County Planning Connection Spring/Summer 2015 newsletter contained an article introducing the new master plan. LINK
July 15, 2015
A participation survey was distributed to County Planning Commissioners at the LCPC meeting. This survey asked them about how they would like to be involved, potential stakeholders, etc.
December 1, 2015
​Brown Bag Lunch Series on the Livingston County Master Plan – included pictorial survey, bucket list and tweet exercises.
Master Plan Public Participation.pdf
December 15, 2015
​New County Planning web page devoted to the Master Plan is complete and all Brown Bag Lunch participants are notified of website link.
January 7, 2016
County Planning Connection Winter 2015/2016 newsletter contained articles (3) regarding the Master Plan process, including info about a new planning education series taught by Glenn Pape and sponsored by LPI/MSU Extension and County Planning. This series is designed to support the County's Master Plan process.



February 23, 2016
Master Planning Educational Series: Session 1 – Basics of Master Plans and Planning LINK
March 22, 2016
Master Planning Educational Series: Session 2 – Smart Growth LINK
April 26, 2016
​Master Planning Educational Series: Session 3 – Adaptive Reuse. LINK
May 4, 2016
Master Planning Educational Series: Session 4 – Placemaking LINK
June 1, 2016Master Planning Educational Series: Session 5 – Green Development LINK
June 22, 2016 
Master Planning Educational Series: Session 6 – Complete Streets LINK
July 1, 2016
Launch of Master Plan Photo contest - an email blast regarding this contest was sent to everyone on the County Planning mailing list, and a press release about the contest was sent to media. Additionally, the County Facebook page and the County Planning website began promoting the contest.
July 5, 2016​A survey was sent to each of the 20 local Planning Commissions to engage them as stakeholders in the Livingston County Master Plan process and ask them about critical planning and zoning issues in their community as well as how they view the role of the County Planning Department. 
July 6, 2018 to September 6, 2018​The Livingston County Planning Department received public comments during a 63 day review period between July 6 and September 6. Many of the suggested revisions were integrated into the master plan document including new navigation tools in the Table of Contents and improved web links.
October 17, 2018​A public hearing was held on October 17, 2018 at which time the Livingston County Planning Commission adopted the Livingston County Master Plan.