Livingston County Master Plan
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningLivingston County Master Plan

Livingston County Master Plan

Our new Livingston County Master Plan (adopted 2018) highlights a wide variety of current planning Trends and provides numerous Best Practices examples from local municipalities, our region, our State and throughout the US, and is intended to be used by local cities, villages and townships during the formation or revision of their own plans, maps, and ordinances.

Any information found in this Livingston County Master Plan is meant to be duplicated in local planning and zoning documents, and to us at Livingston County Planning, this would be the best affirmation of the Plan!

 County Interactive Master Plan

Full Master Plan Document (25 Mb): 2018 County Master Plan

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The Critical Issues identified in this plan were deemed by County Planning to be the planning issues most relevant to Livingston County; relevant in a broad sense to the whole county or large portions of the county. Therefore, it is County Planning’s hope that these critical issues will be considered by our local Livingston County communities.

The Best Practices in this plan then provide an easy way for Livingston County communities to implement requirements in their zoning ordinances that will address these critical issues.

Finally, the Resource sections in each chapter give local communities the website links and source documentation that will make it easy to replicate this best practice in their own plans and ordinances.

This Plan has been developed to connect us as a group of twenty communities, so that the positive impacts of good planning and zoning practices are multiplied by being replicated throughout a majority of our Livingston County communities.

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 Preface:PDF IconPreface
Chapter 1:PDF IconIntroduction
Chapter 2:PDF IconCommunity Profile
Chapter 3:PDF IconVision
Chapter 4:PDFLand Use and Growth Management
Chapter 5:PDF IconNatural Resources
Chapter 6:PDF IconParks and Recreation
Chapter 7:PDF IconAgriculture and Rural Environment
Chapter 8:PDF IconHousing
Chapter 9:PDF IconSocial Equity
Chapter 10:PDF IconTransportation and Infrastructure
Chapter 11:PDF IconTechnology
Chapter 12:PDF IconEconomic Development
Chapter 13:PDF IconHazard Mitigation
Chapter 14:PDF IconPlan Implementation
Appendix:PDF IconAppendix