Livingston County Census Data and Community Demographics
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningLivingston County Census Data and Community Demographics

Livingston County Census Data and Community Demographics

 County Community Demographic and Economic Data Profiles (includes 2020 Census data)

The Community Profiles provided below includes comprehensive information for Livingston County and each local municipality for the following statistical categories:

Population - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey - Data: Population, Households, Housing Units, Population Change By Age, Forecasted Population, Senior and Youth Populations, Race and Hispanic Origin, Education Level, Marital Status, Ancestry 

Economy - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey, Michigan Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) Quarterly Reports - Data: Employment Status, Forecasted Jobs, Forecasted Jobs By Industry, Daytime Population, Commuting Patterns, Household Incomes, Poverty, Health Insurance Coverage, Labor Market and Demand Overview

Housing - Sources: SEMCOG, American Community Survey - Data: Building Permits, Housing Types, Housing Tenure, Housing Value, Occupancy, Age of Residential Structure, Number of Vehicles, Heating, Gross Rent 

Transportation - Source: SEMCOG - Data: Pavement Condition, Bridge Status, Transportation to Work, Mean Travel Time to Work, Crash Data, High Frequency Intersection Crash Rankings, High Frequency Road Segment Crash Rankings

Environment and Land Use - Source: SEMCOG - Data: 2010 Land Cover, 2008 Land Use Categories


2021 Livingston County Profile

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Livingston County 
Population Estimates

Livingston County Housing Units Estimates
Livingston County Household Estimates
Livingston County Population and Population Change
Livingston County

Livingston County Households
Livingston County
Population By Age

Livingston County Group Quarters Population
Livingston County Household Characteristics
Livingston County Population By Race
Percent Population Change 2010 to 2020
Percent Change Housing Units
2000 to 2020

Percent Change Housing Units
2010 to 2020

SEMCOG Interactive 2020 Census Map

SEMCOG Updated Community Profile

Census Data By Community (excel file)

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Conway Township
Community Profiles

Conway Twp Inset Map.jpg
Cohoctah Township
Community Profiles

Cohoctah Twp Inset Map.jpg
Deerfield Township
Community Profiles
Deerfield Twp Inset Map.jpg
Tyrone Township
Community Profiles

Tyrone Twp Inset Map.jpg
Handy Township
Community Profiles

Handy Inset Map.jpg
Howell Township
Community Profiles

Howell Twp Inset Map.jpg
Oceola Township
Community Profiles
Oceola Twp Inset Map.jpg
Hartland Township
Community Profiles

Hartland Twp Inset Map.jpg
Iosco Township
Community Profiles

Iosco Twp Inset Map.jpg
Marion Township
Community Profiles

Marion Twp Inset Map.jpg
Genoa Charter Township
Community Profiles
Genoa Twp Inset Map.jpg
Brighton Charter Township Community ProfilesBrighton Twp Inset Map.jpg
Unadilla Township Community Profiles
Unadilla Twp Inset Map.jpg
Putnam Township
Community Profiles

Putnam Twp Inset Map.jpg
Hamburg Township
Community Profiles
Hamburg Twp Inset Map.jpg
Green Oak Charter Township Community Profiles
Green Oak Twp Inset Map.jpg

Villages and Cities

City of Brighton
Community Profiles

City of Brighton Inset Map.jpg
City of Howell
Community Profiles

City of Howell Inset Map.jpg
Village of Fowlerville Community Profiles
Fowlerville Inset Map.jpg
Village of Pinckney Community Profiles
Pinckney Inset Map.jpg