County Guide Book Series
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningCounty Guide Book Series

County Guide Book Series

Strategic ThinkingStrategic Thinking

The concepts described in this book will assist local government leaders in thinking strategically to guide their communities into the future.






Applied Strategic ThinkingApplied Strategic Thinking

The purpose of “Applied Strategic Thinking” is to illustrate the elements of the strategic thinking process and the results that were achieved by the Livingston Board of Commissioners in their planning process.






Greenways Initiative

Greenways Initiative

The Greenways Initiative project identifies, maps and designs greenways which include trails, woodlands, wetlands, floodplains, and other open spaces at the community level, which could later be tied into a county wide greenway system. This guidebook also provides an analysis of case studies for successful greenway planning efforts across the country.





Comprehensive Plan/Hazard Mitigation Interface

Comprehensive Plan Hazard Mitigation Interface Part 1Comprehensive Plan Hazard Mitigation Interface Part 2

A decade in the making, the preparation of this book formed the basis for the Hazard Mitigation/Comprehensive Plan Interface course which has been taught at the National and State levels of government. The concept for the book is based on the belief that the integration of hazard mitigation into the community comprehensive planning process can help legitimize the emergency management function.  The book is designed to enable the reader to develop strategies to integrate hazard mitigation into the community comprehensive plan.  Intent is to stimulate creative thinking, and ultimately action, in suggesting a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve mitigation/plan integration

Open Space PlanningOpen Space Planning

Based on previous studies conducted by County Planning, the development of this guidebook centers on the following four parts:
Part 1 - An open space planning primer that answers the "why", "where", "what", "when" and "how" of this planning concept.
Part 2 - Heightens the community's awareness of basic design principles as open space design ordinance language becomes drafted.
Part 3 - Provides case studies which explain how the open space planning concept has been applied in Hamburg Township, Michigan.
Part 4 - Contains a model open space ordinance, a starting point for other local communities that are attempting to draft similar language.