Master Plan Photo Contest
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningMaster Plan Photo Contest

Master Plan Photo Contest

 Master Plan Community Photo Contest

At the October 19, 2016 Planning Commission meeting, the Livingston County Planning Commissioners selected the following winners of the Master Plan Photo Contest:

Category Winning Photographer
-Title of the Piece-
Winning Photo

Natural Resources
- McManus
Title: "Dawn on Brophy"
McManus - Dawn on Brophy.jpg
Agriculture and Rural Environment
- Ries
Title: "Faussett Road Cornfields"
Ries - Faussett Road Cornfields.jpg
Parks and Recreation
- Gilligan
Title: "Skiing at Huron Meadows"
skiing at Huron Metroparks - Gilligan.jpg
Development - McManus
Title: "Rex Material Group Building"
McManus - Rex Materials Group Building.jpg
Placemaking - Ochodnicky
Title: "Courthouse After Storm"

Ochodnicky - Courthouse after storm.jpg
Transportation - Halucha
Title: "Snowy Old Plank Road"
Halucha - Snowy Old Plank Road.jpg

Thank you to everyone who participated!