Master Plan Community Visioning Session
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Master Plan Community Visioning Session

 Master Plan Community Visioning Session

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What is Visioning? Visioning is a participatory tool that brings citizens and stakeholders together and is used to assist a group of stakeholders in developing a shared vision of the future.  By asking the group where they are now and where they can realistically expect to be in the future, you can develop a vision together.  The goal of visioning is to develop written and visualized statements of a community's long term goals and strategic objectives.

Visioning is typically done at the beginning step of any planning process at all levels. 

The County Planning Department undertook it's Master Plan Visioning Session on Tuesday, November 10, 2016.  This page contains all the results derived from that session.

 Our Community Vision

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 Master Plan Visioning Session Components


Visioning Session Summary:

Our goal was to have two representatives from each of the twenty local communities.

Thirty-nine persons were in attendance.

Visioning Session Mapping Exercise:

Visioning Session "Vision Statement" Exercise:

Mapping Exercise:

  • A 20 minute exercise with a 10 minute reporting time.
  • A facilitator was present at each table.
  • There was a marked table for each quadrant that was represented. Participants were seated in the quadrant that they represented.
  • Each table contained maps, markers and tracing paper.
  • There were 2 maps at each table: (1) County-wide Future Land Use Map and, (2) a 4 township quadrant map containing the Future Land Use maps of those representative communities.
  • Participants were asked to identify Opportunities and Conflicts that were apparent by examining the Future Land Use maps and to report their results to the entire group.

Outcomes from this Exercise:

(1) Ideas for Master Plan policies and best practices.

(2) Ideas that will help develop Master Plan goals and objectives.

(3) The creation of a Master Plan map that shows conflicts and opportunities (in lieu of a future land use map).

Visioning Statement Exercise:

  • A 20 minute exercise with a 10 minute reporting time.
  • Each table contained post-it notes and red dots.
  • A County-wide municipality goals and objectives matrix was supplied to stimulate ideas.
  • Each participant was asked to imagine that they had been living in another country for the last 20 years and were now returning to Livingston County - What changes did they expect to see in this time period?
  • Each individual recorded their county changes on post-it notes
  • Each individual then arranged the post-it notes by subject area and discovered what the top priorities of that table were.
  • As a final step, participants placed red dots on any post-it note that they could not support.

Outcomes from this Exercise:

(1) Master Plan chapters that cover all subjects of importance raised through the Visioning Session.

(2) Issue identification at the beginning of each Master Plan chapter that is inclusive of issues raised in the Visioning Session.

(3) The creation of a Master Plan Vision Statement illustrated with pictures and renderings.


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