About Us

About Us

 What We Do At Livingston County Department of Planning

The Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Act 33 of 2008, and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Act 110 of 2006 provide the legislative framework by which our department staff and appointed County Planning Commissioners manage the planning and zoning functions of county government.
Together we recognize the importance of achieving a desired quality of life through comprehensive community planning.  We strive to provide programs and services that will assist the sixteen townships, two villages and two cities within Livingston County towards achieving that goal.
The Livingston County Planning Department provides the following programs and services, including but not limited to:
  • Review of Master/Comprehensive Plans
  • Park and Recreation Planning
  • Grant Writing
  • Planning Newsletters
  • Infrastructure and Development Planning
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Emergency Management
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Farmland and Open Space Preservation
  • Review of Zoning Ordinances
  • Economic Development
  • Technical Assistance Guidebooks
  • Community Events
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Human Service Collaboration
  • Environmental Planning
  • Geographic Information Services


The Livingston County Department of Planning engages in many activities which support local governmental and non-governmental partners. These activities include:

Community Contracts: Occasionally, County Planning contracts with local units of government for preparing/updating local Master Plans, Zoning Ordinances, Recreation Plans, as well as providing a variety of contracted planning services such as site plan and zoning and text amendment review.

Planning Publications: County Planning produces annual or periodical publications such as County Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, County Hazard Mitigation Plan. In addition, the department has prepared a variety of technical assistance publications on planning topics such as gravel roads, open space developments, impervious surfaces, transportation, agriculture, build-out analysis, natural features, etc. These items can now be downloaded directly from our website.

Rezoning and Text Amendment Reviews: County Planning coordinates and facilitates the activities of the Livingston County Planning Commission, including State of Michigan statutory responsibilities such as review and analysis of township rezoning and text amendments. County Planning Staff maintain liaison relationships with local units of government by periodically meeting or contacting administrative and planning staff, attending community meetings, and providing services such as courtesy rezoning and text reviews (prior to formal county review).
Capital Improvement Planning: Preparation of annual Livingston County Capital Improvement Plan
Planning Department Newsletter: County Planning undertakes periodic publication of County Planning Connection newsletter containing planning subjects relevant to Livingston County.

Community Events: County Planning organizes a variety of events to engage and inform the community about planning issues. Past events have included: Planner’s Luncheons; Michigan State University-Extension classes; Lutz County Park events, public hearings, etc.

County Planning provides staff support to County Committees and Sub-Committees:
Parks and Open Space Planning – Facilitation of the Livingston County Board of Commissioner’s Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee, and master planning for each county park.

County Board Committee Appointments: Huron River Watershed Council, SEMCOG Executive Committee and General Assembly, Local Community Emergency Response Team, Livingston County Leadership Council on Aging, and the Human Services Collaborative Body (HSCB).

Census Activities: County Planning is involved in Census geography activities (e.g. establishment of census tracts, boundary and annexation surveys, etc.)

Grant Writing: Occasionally County Planning undertakes or assists local communities or agencies in the preparation and submission of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for sewer and water expansion, Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) grants for parks, Joint Public Ventures Challenge Grants, etc.