Livingston County Department of Planning

Livingston County Department of Planning


The Livingston County Department of Planning is dedicated to guiding growth and development in Livingston County through sound planning and zoning practices.

DRAFT- 2019-2023 Livingston County Parks and Open Space Plan Available for Review

2019 to 2023 Livingston County Parks and Open Space Plan

2019-2023 Parks Plan Presentation

This 2019 – 2023 Livingston County Parks & Open Space Plan represents an update to the 2012 – 2017 Livingston County Parks & Open Space Plan. The jurisdiction of this recreation plan is Livingston County, specifically Livingston County government owned park land. The plan is not intended to plan for the recreation needs of the local units of government in Livingston County, as more than half of the County’s twenty (20) local units of government have individual park plans addressing parks, recreation, trails, and open space in their jurisdiction.

The purpose of this plan is to guide the parks, open space and recreation decision-making of Livingston County government over the next five years. This plan follows the format required by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in their publication entitled Guidelines For The Development Of Community Park, Recreation, Open Space and Greenway Plans.

Upcoming Dates of Importance Related to the Plan:

March 20 - Public Hearing on Plan

April 1 - Review by Livingston County General Government Committee

April 3 - Review by Livingston County Finance Committee

April 9 - Review by Livingston County Board of Commissioners

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Our Mission: Livingston County Planning

The Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Act 33 of 2008, and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Act 110 of 2006 provide the legislative framework by which our department staff and appointed County Planning Commissioners manage the planning and zoning functions of county government.
Together we recognize the importance of achieving a desired quality of life through comprehensive community planning.  We strive to provide programs and services that will assist the sixteen townships, two villages and two cities within Livingston County towards achieving that goal.
Highlighted on this website are the various programs and services that Livingston County Planning Department provides, including but not limited to:

  • Review of Master/Comprehensive Plans
  • Parks and Recreation Planning 
  • Grant Writing 
  • Planning Newsletters
  • Infrastructure and Development Planning
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Emergency Management
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Farmland and Open Space Preservation
  • Review of Zoning Ordinances
  • Economic Development 
  • Technical Assistance Guidebooks
  • Community Events
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Human Service Collaboration
  • Environmental Planning
  • Geographic Information Services

Quarterly Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Program

Livingston County Department of Planning’s Brown Bag Lunch Series is a quarterly event that brings together planning professionals, local governments and others, in an informal setting to share ideas and network with one another.

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