County Land Use Series
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County Land Use Series

 County Land Use Series Guidebooks

Gravel Roads Capacity Analysis Booklet Cover

Gravel Road Capacity in Livingston County Michigan

Publication was the result of partnerships which developed a methodology for evaluating gravel road capacity.  Partnerships include:

  • Planning & Zoning Center, inc.
  • Huron River Watershed Department of Planning
  • Livingston County Department of Planning
  • Washtenaw County Department of Planning and Environment
  • Livingston and Washtenaw County Road Commissions

Examine and Rate the quality of each Livingston County gravel road.  Predict which county gravel roads will become over capacity if the area accessing them is built out according to current zoning.

Economic Development in Livingston County Booklet Cover

Economic Development in Livingston County A Primer


Intended to serve as an introduction to how an Economic Development information that may serve as a guide and stimulus for future economic development efforts.

High Quality Natural Areas

Livingston County High Quality Natural Areas

This publication inventories and prioritizes high quality natural areas throughout Livingston County.  Also presents a number of personal behavior modifications and policy tools that can be used to protect the county's natural areas.

Identifying high quality natural areas through aerial photography.  Prioritizing high quality natural areas using ten criteria such as wetlands and proximity to other natural areas.  Aiding comprehensive planning process.  Supporting ordinance development.  Improving the implementation of existing ordinances.  Identifying the most valuable ecological resources in local communities for protection.

Parks and Recreation in Livingston County Booklet cover

Parks and Recreation in Livingston County, Michigan


A guide to assist future county-level decision making on park and recreation and open space issues.

An understanding of existing conditions in which the count is expected to grow.

Residents perceptions on existing and desired parks, recreation and open space opportunities. 

An inventory of existing parks, recreation and open spaces in Livingston County.

Parks and recreation spending by neighboring counties in Michigan.

Transpotation and Land Use in Livingston County Booklet Cover

Transportation and Land Use in Livingston County Michigan


Focus on the County's transportation system, land use issues and the relationship between that impacts land use policies.

County's existing transportation system.  Current and potential conflicts and deficiencies within transportation system.

Suggested goals and strategies with which properly plan for future transportation needs.

Community policies and plans from a county wide perspective - Land use impacts do not stop at municipal borders and land use policies prescribed in one community may or may not complement those of it's neighbors. 

A number of tools that can help local communities and county planners implement land use and transportation elements of the county Master Plan.

Land Use Analysis in Livingston County Booklet cover

Land Use Analysis in Livingston County Michigan


  • A three Countywide report that has been incorporated into Livingston County Comprehensive (Master) Plan.
  • A build-out analysis- A prediction of future population and housing distribution based upon each community's current zoning or future land use map.
  • An impervious surface analysis that determines the amount of surfaces in each community that prevent the infiltration of water into the soil.
  •  An Agricultural preservation primer- Look at farmland tends and policies as well as methods Communities can use to foster the preservation of agriculture and farmlands.