Planners Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series
Livingston County, MichiganPlanningPlanners Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series

Planners Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series

 Quarterly Lunch and Learn Series

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Here’s How "Lunch & Learn" Works:

Host Community:

  • Suggest a topic for the presentation.
  • Suggest a speaker.
  • Suggest a Monday or Wednesday during the month that your hall (or other location of special interest in your community) is available at noon for the event.
  • E-mail suggestions to County Planning

 Livingston County Planning:

  • Will contact and schedule a speaker based on recommendations.

  • Will promote the event.

  • Will facilitate the event or share this responsibility with a community representative.

 Planning Youtube Channel

Livingston County Department of Planning YouTube Channel

Beginning December 2020, all Lunch & Learns were videotaped and added to our YouTube channel.

 Lunch and Learn Series


Topic: Livingston County High-Quality Natural Area Assessment and Land Conservation and Preservation

Presentation Information:

Glenn Pape, Pincincipal Consultant

Rob Stanford, Principal Planner , Livingston County Planning Department

Sara Thomas, President/Land Acquisition, Livingston Land Conservancy

Kris Olsson, Watershed Ecologist, Huron River Watershed Council

AG Economic Development Plans
Livingston County High Quality Natural Areas Assessment 2022