Planning Commission

Planning Commission

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with Public Act 254 of 2020, Livingston County public meetings may be held virtually through March 31, 2021.

 County Planning Commission General Information

Planning Commission Ordinance and By-Laws

The roles and responsibilities of the Planning Commission and its members are prescribed and directed by the County Planning Commission Ordinance and By-Laws, under the authority bestowed to it by the Michigan State Planning Enabling Act - MZEA (MCL 125.3801, et seq., Act 33 of 2008, as amended) and the Livingston County Board of Commissioners (Resolution No. 2013-03-079, March 4, 2013).

PC Ordinance 2013
PC By Laws 2017

Planning Commission Meetings

Please Note: Until further notice all Planning Commission Meetings will be held remotely on the Zoom platform.  Please refer to the Planning Department Home Page for instructions on how to participate in our remote meetings.

All Livingston County Planning Commission meetings are held at:

304 E. Grand River Avenue, Howell, MI 48843, at 6:30 PM in the County Board of Commissioners Chambers

The County Board of Commissioners Chambers are located on the second floor of the County Administration Building.



Livingston County will provide necessary, reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed material being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities at the meeting/hearing upon ten days notice to the Department of Planning. 

Important: Materials from local communities that are to be reviewed and decided on by the County Planning Commission are due the Friday preceding the third Wednesday of every month by 5 PM. Please refer to the monthly schedule in the table below for exact dates.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Department of Planning office at (517) 546-7555.

 County Planning Commission Meeting Information

Cutoff Date to Receive Case Information

5:00 p.m., 1st Friday of the month, unless otherwise specified

Meeting Dates

6:30 p.m., 3rd Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise specified

Meeting Packet Materials

Meeting Agenda and Planning Department Staff Review in one packet


Approved Minutes

Minutes are only posted after approval at the Planning Commission's subsequent meeting.


January 8January 20
PC Packet

February 5
February 17
PC Packet

March 5
March 17

April 9
April 21

May 7
May 19

June 4
June 16

July 9
July 21

August 6
August 18

September 3
September 15

October 8
October 20

November 5
November 17

December 3
December 15


January 3
January 15
PC Packet
Agenda-Revised 1-7-20
February 7
February 19
PC Packet-Revised
March 6
March 18
No meeting
3-18-20-Mtg Cancel
No meeting
April 3
April 15
No meeting
4-15-20-Mtg Cancel
No meeting
May 8
May 20
PC Packet
June 5
June 17
PC Packet
July 3
July 15
PC Packet
August 7
August 19
PC Packet
September 4
September 16
PC Packet
October 9
October 21
PC Packet
November 6
November 18
PC Packet
Annual Meeting Agenda
December 4
December 16
PC Packet