The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer of Livingston County and is charged with the duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed and enforced to maintain the rule of law. An elected official with a four-year term of office, the Prosecuting Attorney is independent of the Michigan Attorney General. 


To preserve and protect the rights, safety, and quality of life for the residents of Livingston County through diligent efforts to investigate and prosecute criminal offenses in Livingston County.

 David J. Reader, Prosecutor

 Carolyn Henry, Chief Assistant Prosecutor

 Office Responsibilities

  • Chief law enforcement official in Livingston County
  • Reviews, authorizes, and prosecutes violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws of the State of Michigan committed inside Livingston County
  • Authorizes and prosecutes felony & misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offenses
  • Represents the People of the State of Michigan in criminal matters before the District & Circuit Courts; juvenile delinquency, parental neglect and miscellaneous probate matters in the Circuit Court/Family Division and the Probate Court, and appeals in the Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court
  • Prepares child abuse and neglect petitions, and prosecute actions to terminate parental rights
  • Attends contested mental health commitment hearings
  • Files and prosecutes actions to establish paternity and family support order