Court Assignments and Contact Information
Livingston County, MichiganProsecutorCourt Assignments and Contact Information

Court Assignments and Contact Information

Bars, AllisonAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - District Court
Bradford, MarilynAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - Juvenile Court
Carpenter, JaniceCrime Victim Rights Advocate
Wachner, KatrinaAdministrative Aide - Family Support
DelVero, AngelaAssistant Prosecuting Attorney -Judge Cavanaugh
Ehlfeldt, ScottAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - Judge Hatty
Hanson, Renee Office Manager
Joseph, Amanda Administrative Aide - Appeals and District Court 
Kearns, MargeAdministrative Aide - Juvenile Court
Latson, KayAdministrative Aide - Intake of Warrants
Maas, Pamela Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Morrison, Kimberly Assistant Prosecuting Attorney - District Court
Parker, Erica Assistant Prosecuting Attorney - District Court
Paruk, TonyAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - Family Support
Piche, ReneeAdministrative Assistant Aide - Crime Victim Rights
Tarr, SamanthaSubpoenas
Dochenetz, KaceeAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - Juvenile Court
Ryan, BridgetAdministrative Aide, Front Desk - Reception
Ryan, Shawn Assistant Prosecutor Attorney - District Court
Taylor, MichaelAssistant Prosecuting Attorney - Judge Geddis
Vailliencourt, William JProsecuting Attorney
Worden, WilliamAssistant Prosecuting Attorney Appeals