Juvenile Cases

Juvenile Cases

  • Intake Department:  Decides whether formal or informal intervention with the juvenile offender will be taken.

  • Inquiry:   An informal hearing between the Family Court intake caseworker, juvenile offender and parent(s).

  • Pre-Trial:  Meeting between lawyers to see if the case can be settled without going to trial or to see if all parties are ready for trial.

  • Adjudication:  The trial of the juvenile offender.

  • Dispositional Hearing:  A hearing at which the court decides placement, counseling or other remedial actions to be taken with the juvenile offender.

  • Subpeona:  A legal order which requires a person to appear in Court to testify as a witness.

  • Motion:  Court hearings to answer legal questions.

  • Adjournment:  A delay asked for by the judge or either side.  The judge must agree to the delay.

  • Probation:  A sentence that places the juvenile offender under the close supervision of a probation officer.

  • Restitution:  An amount of money set by the Court to be paid to the victim of a crime for property losses or injuries caused by the crime.

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