Requesting a Copy of a Police Report
Livingston County, MichiganProsecutorRequesting a Copy of a Police Report

Requesting a Copy of a Police Report

Defense Attorney 

You must file an Appearance and Demand for Discovery with the Prosecutor's Office. Please email it to
  • Your request should include the defendant's name, case number, and the Judge handling the case.
Defendant (Person Charged With a Crime) 
If you are the Defendant in a case and wish to request a copy of your police report, please email us at
  • Your request should include your name, case number, phone number, and email address.

Any Other Interested Party Wanting a Police Report 

You must file a Freedom of Information Act Request. Include in your request as much information about the case as you can, such as the case/complaint number, Defendant's name, police agency, or nature of charges, and the specific information you are requesting. 
Visit to submit your request.