Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance

If you are intimidated or threatened with physical violence by a Defendant, contact the Police immediately!

A Message To Crime Victims

We realize being a victim of a crime can be very difficult. Victim Assistance is an effort to help you return to your normal way of life. We provide the opportunity for you to speak about your worries and problems, and offer help. 

Our Services Include:

  • Providing information and help in filing for Michigan Crime Victim Compensation.
  • Making referral to other community agencies for additional help. 
  • Giving information on how the court works and case status.
  • Accompanying a victim to court, upon their request.
  • Providing and assisting with Victim Impact Statements. 
  • Helping with the return of personal property. 
  • Providing information and assistance in obtaining restitution. 
  • Informing the community about victim's rights.
  • Emergency Victim Services.


  • The LACASA Center supports and shelters victimized adults and children, educates the community and encourages positive action.

  • For information about an offender's custody status or the status of a court case go to Michigan VINE Service or call 1-800-770-7657.