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Family Support - Home

The Family Support Division brings court actions to establish paternity and obtain child support orders for Livingston County families.  Most of these cases are brought on behalf of a parent, but cases may also be brought on behalf of a child’s guardian.  In these matters, the Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Michigan and does not represent either party on contested custody or parenting time issues.  

The Family Support Division initiates cases upon a referral from the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHHS) Office of Child Support (OCS).  If a child’s custodial parent or guardian receives public assistance benefits for the child(ren), a referral will be made by OCS to the Prosecutor’s Office.  However, a custodial parent or guardian may seek the services of the Family Support Division even if public assistance benefits are not being received for the child(ren).  And an inter-state support case may be brought in the event that a parent lives in another state. 

For more information regarding your specific type of case click on one of the following:
Child Support Cases where the father has been legally established and you seek child support.
Paternity Cases where the father has not yet been legally established and you seek child support.
Inter-State Cases where the absent or noncustodial parent lives in another state and you seek child support.


Contact the Michigan Office of Child Support online or by phone at 866-540-0008.
Contact the Livingston County Friend of the Court online or by phone at 877-543-2660.
Access legal self-help online at Michigan Legal Help.
For support concerning domestic violence and/or sexual assault contact LACASA Center online or by phone at 866-522-2725.

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