Livingston County Purchasing Department

Livingston County Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is a Division within the Livingston County Administration Department and is responsible for assisting county departments in their procurement activities utilizing various governmental procurement “best practices,” including competitive bidding.
The Mission of the Purchasing Department is to ensure value for Livingston County departments by procuring goods and services at the lowest competitive price from competent vendors meeting specifications. Activities of the personnel in the Purchasing Department shall be performed in a manner that guarantees the integrity of the purchasing process and that all vendors and county personnel are treated equitably and professionally.


The government of Livingston County consists of 36 departments with an annual budget of $77.3 million. These departments purchase a variety of goods and services ranging from pencils to million dollar construction projects.
Purchasing Function Statement: Purchasing is responsible for the facilitation of purchasing goods and services and the disposal of county property deemed surplus.
The County also recognizes the importance of combining authority / facilitation and decentralized function effectively to promote standard volume purchases for all divisions including the use of cooperative purchasing arrangements.  One of the most important ingredients of a sound purchasing process is to have written policies and operation procedures that are clear and concise.
Departments also have received specific delegations of purchasing authority and responsibility.  All expenditures of public funds must be made under the authority and procedures of the Purchasing provisions of Livingston County policies.

Surplus Auctions

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