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General Public Users can also search at Tapestry for a fee of $6.95 (and $1 per page purchased).

***Note: Tapestry cannot search Units in Condominiums***

Please click on + for detailed fee information related to that service.

All document types, regardless of page count, are $30.00 to record 

(Includes Remonumentation & Automation fees). *
      -As before, documents assigning/discharging more than one instrument are charged $3 per each document beyond the first.

Certification of a recorded document is $5.00 (must purchase ALL pages).

      -Copies remain $1 per page.
      -Search fees remain $5.00 minimum, 50 cents per years searched.

*Exceptions are documents from the State of Michigan or any political subdivision thereof to a Land Bank Authority.
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You may email or call us requesting a search.  We will let you know how many pages your result will be and the cost.  Upon payment of fee we will send results via either email or FAX.

The search fee is $5.00.  Additionally there is a $1.00 per page fee for requested copies, which includes mailing cost.  Emailed and Faxed results incur an additional fee as outlined under Fax/Email Fees.​

The recording fees were last changed 10/01/2016.

To record and index any deed, mortgage, lien, certified court order, or other instrument:

Each new document = $30.00* (regardless of page count).

Any document that assigns or discharges more than one instrument = $3.00 shall be added to the recording fee for each additional instrument cross-referenced by Liber/Page or Document # beyond the first.
* $4.00 of this fee is deposited into the Michigan State Survey & Remonumentation (MSSR) fund as of 3/31/03. 
Tax Certificate:,

A Tax Certificate must be obtained from the County Treasurer's Office prior to recording any of the following (MCLA 211.135):

  • Warranty Deed
  • A deed which contains covenant warranty
  • Land Contract
  • Assignment of Land Contract with warranty clause
  • Master Deed
  • Amended Master Deed adding property to the Condo
Fee for tax certificate, up to 20 Tax ID Numbers, per document = $5.00
Each additional Tax ID (after the first 20) = 20 cents
Transfer Tax:,

Calculated upon the sales price indicated on the deed; the sales price is rounded up to the next nearest $500 dollar increment.  (A house sold for $100,000.01 will use $100,500 for the sales price.)

County Transfer Tax Fee  $1.10 per thousand dollar transaction
State Transfer Tax Fee $7.50 per thousand dollar transaction
Tract Index:,

Tract Index: $10 per hour or any portion thereof​

Computer Print-Out Searches (Reports):,

To request and pre-pay for a Report (unless you have a charge account) - contact Gabriella at 517.540.8822 or ggarlock@livgov.com with your report parameters to find out the cost (below). If you want the Report emailed/faxed there will be an additional charge outlined in Fax/Email Fees. (Note: the emailed report will be a scanned attachment and NOT digital.)

Send the check and report request attention: Gabriella and include a SASE if you haven't requested fax or email.

Please specify Report Type:

There are 2 types of Reports* (level of detail); each cost the same to run, but more detail means more pages, as follows =

$5 per Search (name; doc type + date range; legal description)        PLUS                                            

$1 per # of pages in print-out

*Results Report will show one line per name or Document, and will include:  Name, Recorded Doc #, Doc Type, Date Recorded.

Results Report has 42 lines per print-out page.

*Details Report will show all Indexed info for each Document, including: Doc #, all Party names, Doc date and Recording date, # of pages in doc, sale-mortgage-lien amount, any Associated docs, and if on the recording: short legal description, Tax Parcel #, address of property.

DETAILS Report averages 3 or 4 Documents per print-out page.

Any questions, please call 517.540.8822 and ask for Gabriella.

Copy, real estate record, per page - $1.00

Copy, State or Federal Tax Lien, per page - $1.00

Fee for Certification of any of the above copies, per document - $5.00

Copy, Plat or Condo Drawings, per page - $2.00

Fax / Email Fees:,

Fax/email fees are charged for every transmission according to the schedule below. The fee covers all local, long distance and toll-free phone numbers. 

Immediate emails or faxes are only available if you have a current charge account, in good-standing, with our office, or can supply Credit Card info over the phone.

1-10 pages = $2
11-20 pages = $4
21-30 pages = $6
31-40 pages = $8
41-50 pages = $10
51-60 pages = $12
61-70 pages = $14
71-80 pages = $16
81-90 pages = $18
91-100 pages = $20
101+ pages = $2 for every 10 pages
per established pattern

Uniform Commercial Code Fees (Personal Property Filings):,

Act No. 130 P.A. of 1988 as amended, Uniform Commercial Code, MCLA 440.9405 etal, MSA 19.9405. Are now filed with the Secretary of State.​

Fixture Filings,

MCLA 440.9403, MSA 19.9403 (to be recorded in real estate records)

Standard forms = $30.00, regardless of page count.

These fees will apply to any Amendment, Assignment, Continuation, Partial Release or Termination of Fixture Filing.

Certified UCC and Tax Lien Searches,

U.C.C. 11 form must be provided.  They are available at the state level.

State tax Lien search certificate = $3.00 per debtor name
Federal Tax Lien certificate = $3.00 per debtor name
Copies of Results = $1.00 per page
Financing Statement (U.C.C.) search certificate:  All Financing
Statements recorded in this office have lapsed.  Contact the
Secretary of State to search current Financing Statements.
Send search requests and search payment Attention:  Gabriella
We will bill you for any requested copies.​