Jail Chaplain

Allan Reiman


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Chaplain Reiman is a Trained and Commissioned Chaplain who works under the supervision of Forgotten Man Ministries.  Forgotten Man Ministries is a non-profit ministry headquartered in Grand Rapids.  Their web site is  Chaplain Reiman is considered a missionary and is supported by various churches and individuals.  He is not employed by Livingston County.   The Chaplain, commonly referred to as "Chappy", states that he is "called by God and is seeing Him do wonderful things in the lives of men and women incarcerated at the jail".

Many religious services are offered under the direction of Chaplain Reiman.  There are over 60 volunteers who help with the Ministry at the Livingston County Jail.  They come from approximately 30 different churches in the area.  We have 3 Associate Chaplains and a Ministry Assistant.  We are all here to minister to the needs of the inmates, whatever their religious affiliation may be. Current programs supplied to Inmates who desire to take advantage of them during their stay are:

  • Worship services are offered to all classified inmates on Sunday afternoon
  • Bible Study is available every Monday and Thursday evening
  • Celebrate Recovery (a Biblical 12 step addiction program) is offered weekly
  • Catholic services are offered weekly. Reconciliation (as requested) is available weekly
  • Biblical counseling and discipleship is available
  • We offer a series of Bible Correspondence Course which the inmate does independently
  • We also offer Bibles, devotional materials and religious books to inmates, when possible