Detective Bureau Personnel
Livingston County, MichiganSheriffDetective Bureau Personnel

Detective Bureau Personnel

The Livingston County Sheriff Department Detective Bureau is comprised of seven (7) criminal investigators.  In addition, two (2) task force deputies are assigned to drug investigations with the DEA along with one (1) deputy who is assigned to the local Lawnet drug unit.

The following is a breakdown of the Detective Bureau personnel and a brief job description for each:

The oversight for the Detective Bureau is the responsibility of one (1) Detective Lieutenant who is assigned to oversee all administrative and operational aspects of the bureau.  This includes all of the department's drug forfeitures, defense reutilization and marketing office business (de-classified military equipment issued to law enforcement), arson investigations, cold case investigations and communication with the mass media on large scale investigations. Also included is overseeing evidence and property room procedures including drug disposal, the supervision of the six (6) detectives, one (1) detective sergeant, two (2) DEA drug task force officers, one (1) Lawnet undercover task force officer and one (1) property room officer.
The Detective Lieutenant is assisted by one (1) Detective Sergeant:  The Detective Sergeant is assigned as a working supervisor who is charged with not only conducting his own investigations, but overseeing the investigations of the field detectives as well as reviewing road patrol reports for case assignment.  The Detective Sergeant is tasked with many additional responsibilities including but not limited to:  being in charge of the major crimes task force, supervising the evidence technicians, and working as a liaison with all of the other law enforcement/fire departments in the county.  The Detective Sergeant works closely with the Detective Lieutenant to ensure the smooth operation of the Bureau.
Six (6) Detectives:  Detectives are assigned cases where the original report had previously been taken by a road patrol deputy.  The detectives are charged with conducting the follow-up investigation, which will bring closure to the case.  Many times this means, drafting search warrants, following up on leads, and tracking down suspect(s) in and outside of Livingston County.  The detectives are trained in evidence collection, crime scene photography, surveillance, interview and interrogation, and many other aspects of criminology.  Their special skills, combined with their years of investigative experience are a true asset to the Sheriff Department and the citizens they serve.
Three (3) Drug Task Force Agents:  Two (2) of these agents are assigned to the DEA Detroit Field Office, which oversees Livingston County. These agents work on large scale drug investigations, which at times cross county and state lines.  One (1) of the Task Force Agents is assigned to a local drug unit, which works under the direction and authority of the Michigan State Police.  All of these agents strive to keep drugs from coming into our community and affecting our way of life.
The Property/Evidence Room is maintained by one (1) property room custodian.  His job entails inventorying and safely storing evidence, the destruction of turned in drugs/drug evidence once adjudicated, maintaining an inventory of all of the department forfeiture vehicles, transporting evidence to both the State Police Lab in Lansing as well as fingerprint evidence to AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system) in Flint, MI.