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Sex Offenders

Within three (3) days of changing residence, a sex offender must report in person to their local Police agency, Sheriff's Office, or State Police post with their new address.  Failure to report a change of residence is a felony.
Effective January 1, 2000 all sex offenders shall maintain either a valid Michigan operators or chauffeur license or a Michigan personal identification card.  The address on this card shall match the current address on the sex offender registry.  This card or license may be used as proof of residence.  However, other evidence of proof of residence may be required to support this verification.  Generally a rental lease with recent rent receipts, utility bills which includes the offenders name and address are accepted by the Livingston County Sheriff Department as supporting evidence of their residence.
All sex offenders shall have a digitized photograph taken by the Secretary of State.
Effective January 1, 2000 ALL REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS shall periodically verify their address by reporting in person to their local Police agency, Sheriff's office or State Police post and provide proof of residency.  Persons convicted of a misdemeanor (sexual offense) shall verify in person between January 1st and January 15th of each year.  Persons convicted of a Felony (sexual offense) shall verify in person during the first 15 days of each January, April, July and October of each year.
To view the Sex Offender Registry, which is maintained by the Michigan State Police click here.