Tactical Response Team
Livingston County, MichiganSheriffTactical Response Team

Tactical Response Team

Recognizing that a highly skilled, highly trained police tactical unit would often substantially reduce the risk of injury, and or loss of life in a critical incident, the tactical response team was established in 1999.
The mission of the team is to support the Sheriff's Department or any other requesting police agency with a tactical response to a critical incident.  These incidents could range from a basic drug search warrant to a barricaded and armed subject.
Tactical Response vehicle
The Tactical Response Team is currently under the direction of the Detective Bureau Lieutenant who assumed the role of the Tactical Commander during any tactical call out.  The team is comprised of 10 members.  Each of the team members have trained in conjunction with the Oakland and Wayne County Sheriff's Department Tactical Teams as well as the East Lansing Police Department's Tactical Unit.
Team members are appointed to the team by the Sheriff and must meet rigorous mandatory training requirements, and above all, they must be a team player.  Team members have attended basic SWAT training, as well as advanced schools at Ft. Custer in Battle Creek, Michigan and Ft. Leonard Wood in St. Robert, Missouri.
In addition and working in coordination with the Tactical Response Team, the department has six highly trained crisis negotiators.  Each negotiator has been certified by the Michigan Association of Hostage Negotiators and trained by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Crisis Resolution.  Working with the Tactical Response Team, Negotiators ultimate goal in every situation will be to resolve the conflict without injury to victims, bystanders, officers, or perpetrators/subjects whenever possible. 
The members of this unit consider it a privilege and honor to serve the citizens of Livingston County.