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Traffic Safety

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Bureau is partially funded by Michigan Public Act 416 of 1978.  Public Act 416 was enacted to provide Sheriff's Offices throughout Michigan with funding strictly for traffic enforcement on county secondary roads.  Research has proven that through education and enforcement, traffic crashes can be reduced.
Currently the Traffic Safety Bureau is staffed by two deputies who are highly trained in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction.  These deputies, using physics and mathematical calculations from evidence found at the scene of a serious injury or fatal motor vehicle crash, are able to determine the speeds of the vehicles prior to impact along with other pertinent information to determine if a crime occurred.
When the deputies are not investigating crashes their main focus is traffic enforcement and education throughout Livingston County.  Both deputies are certified RADAR / LIDAR operators and one deputy is a federally certified commercial motor vehicle inspector.  They use semi-marked patrol vehicles to conduct enforcement on both passenger vehicles and commercial motor vehicles. 
Additionally the Traffic Safety Deputies assist local schools and driver education classes with distracted and impaired driving presentations and also conduct selective enforcement upon Citzens request.