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What is a kennel?

Please be aware that there is a difference between a hobby kennel (having many of your own personal dogs) versus a commercial kennel(operating a kennel for commercially boarding, breeding or training dogs for money). If you are operating a commercial kennel you must have a kennel license as required by Michigan state law. The process of obtaining a kennel license involves initial inspection from Livingston County Sheriff's Office / Animal Control Division.

What are the regulations for a dog kennel license?

Check with your local municipality first. They will notify you of their specific ordinances and regulations and determine if you have enough land/property to obtain a kennel license.

Approval process:

  • Receive zoning approval from the municipality where you live.
  • Schedule the initial inspection by the Livingston County Sheriff's Office / Animal Control Division. Please call us at (517) 546-2440 to do this.
  • Take proof of your local municipality's approval to operate a kennel AND the inspection form from Livingston County Animal Control to the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer's Office is located in the historic Courthouse in downtown Howell at 200 E. Grand River Avenue.


Initial inspection fee:

  • $100 for 10 dogs or less
  • $150 for 11 dogs or more

Annual license fee:


1 to 10 dogs$25 
11-20 dogs$50
21-30 dogs:$60 


1 to 10 dogs:$15 
11-20 dogs:$30 
21-30 dogs:$45
Over 30 dogs:$60