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Livingston County Animal Shelter Does Not Handle Wildlife

All wildlife complaints or concerns should be directed to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at (800) 292-7800.

The Animal Shelter handles domesticated animals only. This includes livestock such as cows, chickens, and horses, but we do not have the facilities to board them at the Shelter.


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 Wildlife FAQ

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What should I do if I found a baby animal alone?,

If you found a baby animal, please do not disturb it. Mothers will typically leave babies so they can look for food, and they will usually come back to get them. If you move the baby animal, you are causing a problem, not helping! If you know that the baby has been abandoned in a location for more than one day, you can call the DNR or the Howell Nature Center for information. Please be aware that the Howell Nature Center does not take raccoons.

I have a raccoon, opossum, or bats in my home. What should I do?,

Please call a local critter control or pest control company. Animal Control is only authorized to deal with domesticated animals. We cannot remove a wild animal from your home or yard.

There is a coyote in my yard. What should I do?,

Coyotes are common in Livingston County. If they are left alone, they will normally leave you alone. Contact the DNR at 800-292-7800 for more information.

We recommend that you do not leave small pets outside unattended. You are enticing coyotes to come into your yard to investigate, and putting your pets in danger.

I have an injured deer in my yard. What should I do?,

Please contact the DNR at (800) 292-7800 or your local police department. Animal Control does not have the means to treat or dispose of deer.

What should I do if I find a bat in my house or if my pet kills a bat?,

If you or your pet is the victim of exposure to a bite from a bat, please contact the Health Department at (517) 546-9850. A Nurse will advise you on whether or not the bat needs to be tested for rabies.

How do you test an animal for rabies?,

​There is no test that can determine whether or not a live animal is infected with rabies. The animal must be humanely euthanized and sent to the state lab for specific brain tissue testing. 

To avoid this test, make sure to get your dog or cat vaccinated against rabies and keep them current. A rabies vaccine is very inexpensive and can help you avoid a lot of heartache as a pet owner.