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Jail Educational Services

G.E.D. Preparation Class - Instruction includes assessment through pre-testing.

Life Skills - The Life Skills classes address a number of areas including making personal challenges through positive change, taking responsibility, building healthy positive values, developing self-esteem, coping skills, and stress management.

Parenting Skills/Family Dynamics - This class addresses physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of a child from birth through the teen years.  This class also addresses positive guidance, discipline, and responsibility by learning model behavior and healthy parenting.

Job Skills - These classes address challenges facing the ex-offender.  They learn the importance of goal setting.  They learn to focus on strengths, attitudes, choices, enthusiasm, confidence, and self-preparation.  There is also information regarding awareness and utilization of community resources and resume writing.

M.R.T. (Moral Reconation Therapy) - A systematic step by step program designed to help the student gain a higher level of moral reasoning and therefore make healthier decisions.