Bad Excuses for Not Buying a Dog License
Livingston County, MichiganTreasurerBad Excuses for Not Buying a Dog License

Bad Excuses for Not Buying a Dog License

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It's a house dog and never gets out.,

...all dogs go out sometime. It is the little house dog that never leaves the yard that is most likely to get lost. Think of the license as an insurance policy for your pet. The odds are that your house will not burn down but you do have fire insurance, just in case…

My dog doesn't need a license; he/she is only 5 months old.,

...Michigan  law requires all dogs, four months of age and older, be licensed. License your puppy right away. Puppies often get lost.

My dog has a rabies tag.,

...and that is great, they are also required. A Livingston County dog license is the only ID that can be quickly traced 24 hrs/day 7 days/week. It's the best protection your pet has.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows my dog.,

...your pet may wander out of the immediate neighborhood. Over 100 pets a week are returned by neighbors through tracing the dog license number. A license lets strangers know your pet is loved.

My dog isn't expected to live through the year.,

...older dogs often suffer from hearing loss and failing eyesight. They can become easily confused and lost. Protect your senior pet, they deserve it.

It's my kids' dog.,

...the bond between children and their pets is remarkable. Teach your child to be a responsible pet owner and insure your dog is wearing a valid license. Unless your child is 18, you are legally the responsible party.

A license is just a tax for dog owners.,

...a dog license is not a tax. It is legal proof of ownership and provides you and your pet specific legal rights.

I just got the dog a couple of months ago.,

...Michigan law requires that you license the dog immediately upon taking possession. We can help save you money if the dog is already licensed in the state of Michigan. The tag can be transferred to you!

I can't afford it.,

...we believe you can't afford NOT to! Read the list of benefits of a license. Remember it is a law. Failure to license could result in fines and court costs of $75-$100.