Property Tax Foreclosure Time Line
Livingston County, MichiganTreasurerProperty Tax Foreclosure Time Line

Property Tax Foreclosure Time Line

July/December - Property taxes billed by the City/Village/Township Treasurer.
March 1st (Entering 1st year of Delinquency) - Unpaid property taxes are forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection. County Treasurer adds a 4% administrative fee and 1% per month interest.
October 1st - County Treasurer adds $15 fee to each parcel.
March 1st (Entering 2nd year of Delinquency) - Property enters a forfeited status. County Treasurer adds a $175 fee. Interest is increased from 1% per month to 1.5% per month, back to the date that taxes became delinquent.
March 1st (Entering 3rd year of Delinquency & Foreclosure) - Circuit Court enters a judgment of foreclosure. Property owners have until March 31st to pay the taxes or lose their property.
April 1st - Clear title passes to the State of Michigan.
July - Property is sold at public auction by State of Michigan.