Property Tax Cycle

Property Tax Cycle

Livingston County property owners are issued 2 tax bills per year. 

  • The summer bill is issued in July of the current year. Most townships/cities will charge a penalty on a summer bill that is not paid by mid-September. (Please contact your local township/city for their individual policy of interest and penalty.)  

  • The winter bill is issued in December of the current year and is due by the end of February. 

  • Some property owners within a Village limit may also receive a third bill. This Village bill is issued in July of the current year. 

For all taxes billed in the current year, any amount not paid by the last day of February will be considered delinquent, and forwarded to the County Treasurer’s Office for collection. 

  • Please be advised that any delinquent bill will be charged a 4% penalty and 1% interest for the first month of delinquency. Every month thereafter will receive interest at the rate of 1% per month. Taxes remaining delinquent for over a one-year period will incur a higher interest rate along with additional fees. 

It is your responsibility, as a property owner, to notify your local township/city if you are not receiving a tax bill. Find your Local Treasurer contact information here.