Livingston County Treasurer

Livingston County Treasurer

Jennifer M. Nash, County Treasurer

2022 License To Love Winner Fergus.png

Our Office is proud to work with the Animal Shelter to bring the County our "Your License To Love" program. Each year we select a new local dog to represent how important it is to have your dog licensed. 

Meet our 2022 Top Dog, Fergus. Our fashionable new friend is a total lovebug, according to his owner. 

Get ready to see more of Fergus this year as he reminds us all of the benefit of having a dog license. (We can't wait to see what he'll wear next!) Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for Fergus updates.

Until then, apply for a dog license online. It's quick and easy and keeps your furry friend and our community safe. 

Please visit for online payment options for delinquent tax payments

 Did you know...?

  • Public terminals are available in the County Treasurer’s office for viewing property information
  • Address changes are submitted to your local township/city
  • We offer Plat Books for sale

 On-line Service Offerings

View Property, Delinquent Information, & Pay Delinquent Taxes

New Security Requirements for OnLine Services

Livingston County has security requirements for On-Line Services.

Check your browser's compliance
Instructions to adjust Internet Explorer settings for compliance.

The County Treasurer is an office created by the Michigan Constitution. The functions of the Office of the Treasurer are authorized and governed by the Michigan Constitution, Michigan statute, administrative regulations and the County Board of Commissioners.

Under state law, the County Treasurer is the collector of all delinquent real property taxes and is custodian of all county funds. The Treasurer is responsible for investing idle monies while maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet the operating needs of the county.

In addition, the County Treasurer is responsible for the sale of dog licenses, and the tax clearance of deeds. The Livingston County Treasurer also serves on the Election Commission, Retiree Health Care Board, Plat Board, Tax Allocation Board and Debt Committee.


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