Public Act 123 of 1999
Livingston County, MichiganTreasurerPublic Act 123 of 1999

Public Act 123 of 1999

Some Important Information for Property Owners

Public Act 123 of 1999 reduced the time frame in which delinquent taxes can be paid, from 5 years to approximately 2 years. Delinquent taxes are charged a 1% interest per month in the first year of delinquency. In the second year of delinquency, interest increases to 1.5% per month along with additional fees, such as the $175.00 forfeiture fee. If taxes remain unpaid for a two year period, the property will be foreclosed and sold at a public auction held by the State of Michigan. Once foreclosed, property can no longer be redeemed.

Pay Delinquent Taxes As Soon As Possible!


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