Burial Benefits

Burial Benefits

There are some burial benefits offered by the Federal government and at the County level.  These burial benefits have specific eligibility requirements that are detailed below.  The character of discharge requirement is different for many of these benefits so please call our office for confirmation of eligibility.
Federal Burial Allowance
The VA offers a partial reimbursement of burial costs for Veterans meeting specific criteria.  There is a separate allowance for the funeral expense and one for plot or internment allowance.  If the Veteran meets one or all of the criteria below then they may qualify for the federal burial allowance.
-    Veteran died of a service-connected condition
-    Veteran passed in a VA facility or in a VA contracted facility
-    Veteran was receiving VA compensation or pension

County Burial Allowance

 The county also offers a partial reimbursement for burial costs for either the Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran who meets the guidelines.  The Veteran must be a resident of Livingston County.  They also need to have served 90 days of active service during a wartime period. 
If there is a surviving spouse the estate would need to fall below $40,000, not including the value of the home, debts, vehicle, or life insurance.  If there isn’t a surviving spouse then the benefit will be paid if the estate was not enough to cover the cost of the funeral.

Government Marker

The VA offers some limited options for grave markers.  If the Veteran served 1 day of active service prior to September 1980, or 24 months of active duty after September 1980 then they may be eligible.  The Veteran needs to have been placed in a final resting place in order to apply.


Another option offered by the VA is a medallion.  This is an adhesive medal that can be attached to an existing grave marker.  They are available in three sizes.  5 inch, 3inch, and a 1.5 inch.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

The memorial certificate is signed by the current President.  To request the certificate the Veteran needs to have had 1 day of active service.

Great Lakes National Cemetery

Great Lakes National Cemetery is located in Holly, MI.  To be eligible to be buried in the cemetery the Veteran should have a character of discharge other than dishonorable.  Spouse may also be buried if the Veteran meets the eligibility.  Plots cannot be reserved, eligibility and scheduling is done at the time of need.

County Marker Setting Allowance

The county also offers a marker setting allowance to those that meet the criteria for the County Burial.  The marker setting allowance applies only to government markers.

U.S. Flag

The VA authorizes a flag to the families of Veterans.  Usually the flags are presented at the funeral but if the family has not received one our office can assist in applying for the flag.