About Us

About Us

Livingston County Department of Veterans Affairs was created by the Board of Commissioners in 1970 under Public Act 192 of 1953.  A Director and a clerk were hired to assist veterans and their dependents file claims with the US Veterans Administration, the State of Michigan and Livingston County.
In 1983 a general funded Veterans Counselor was added to the staff.
In 2009, the Board of Commissioners levied a millage of 1/20th of a mill to fund the Veterans Relief portion of the office as required by Public Act 214 of 1899.  A full time Veterans Benefits Counselor was hired to administer the fund.

2016 Approved Millage

The Livingston County voters approved an operational millage of 0.139 mill to be levied by Livingston County from 2017 through 2022 for the County Veterans' Services.

What the Millage and the Department of Veterans' Services Provides

The Department of Veterans' Services is dedicated to providing services and programs to the 12,300 veterans residing in Livingston County. Services include:

  • Assistance in navigating the claims filing process with the Federal Government for injuries or illness, federal death benefits, and survivor benefits.
  • Case management and ongoing support for VA benefit recipients.
  • Filing and processing of Livingston County burial allowance claims.
  • Financial assistance for indigent veterans and their dependents for anything from food and gas to home repairs.
  • Transportation for mobility impaired patients to get to their medical appointments such as dialysis and out-patient surgery.
  • Substantially increase outreach to Livingston County Veterans including education of what benefits are available and helping veterans access benefits earned by their service.
  • Provide funding for the creation and assistance of mental health services.
  • Assist veterans with job placement and resume services.
  • Increase the number of Benefit Counselors from 3 full time counselors to 4 full time counselors.
  • Provided funding for the addition of a Court Coordinator for the Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Increase the number of Drivers from 1 part time staff to 2 part time staff.
  • Update IT infrastructure.
  • Expand transportation services with the potential purchase of an additional van.

 Veterans Affairs Committee

The County Board of Commissioners appoints members to the County Veterans Affairs Committee to fixed terms under provisions of State Law.
The Veterans Affairs Committee sets policy for Veterans Services.
*They meet the 4th Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m.*
Committee MemberWar/Conflict Represented
Bruce Hundley
Jim WallaceVietnam
Kevin NagleGlobal War on Terror
Hansel Keene
Joseph Riker
Global War on Terror

 Department of Veterans' Services

The Office Staff of Livingston County Veterans Services
Veterans Benefits Counselor
Veterans Relief Counselor
Administrative Specialist